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I understand people's frustration with him I tell you American groups will hold a rally Sunday to support the return of the statue in Tomah judges ordered Seattle to stop using tear gas and pepper spray when they try to break up peaceful protests looks like we have an issue in uptown Dallas west Dallas and also in fort worth let's check in now with a Julian Rogers well we can cover those areas and will start and farmers branch eastbound six thirty five stolen one of the middle lanes pretty close to me well between midway and marsh so you have back up from thirty five the little little back up on the service road as well trying to exit off in March and I think it's just because folks are kind of afraid of what's ahead and may be exiting a little too soon so it just kind of fight through it you'll be done with it by the time you pass the marsh exit okay seventy five heading south that was an accident and a multitude of things but mostly traffic and an accident around Haskell Blackburn I believe we also have some construction a little south of I. thirty but overall thirty minutes pretty easily going from walnut hills all the way down past I. thirty north bound wreck near university who are lovers is clearing out so you should see some improvement there but there is some back up still in place from about Lemmon Avenue and tollway southbound at mockingbird that's a stall in the right lane that's why things are so shaky from about northwest highway okay let's check one twenty one once again that's looking better ready for a lot better stop on one twenty one near riverside problems cleared out of the roadway traffic is slow on the approach on the way to the thirty five W. March southbound east loop eight twenty that's slow from one eighty three passed Randall bill for very opposed to speak to a seven and more delays past this split I. twenty in southeast fort worth south fort worth the westbound twenty ramp to thirty five W. the right then the left lane is blocked with the little road work that's slowing traffic flow in the area overturned truck accident on thirty five east service road at royal so you don't want to exit there and it's it looks like it's causing a little bit a kick back on the freeway I'm also Collin county you've got the construction on the Sam Rayburn south between exchange and Custer that'll cause a backup and thirty five and didn't lot of folks exiting off there at three eighty causing the log jam on to thirty five W. I'm Jillian Rogers next reporter for for forty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen K. R. O. the weather center forecasts so what are your plans this weekend if they're going to be outdoors especially at a lake well then I think we've got a good forecast.

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