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Homelessness in lack of social services, and what does the? How that intertwined with you know criminal justice. Actually I haven't really shared this a with a lot of people, but in college. I don't know if you remember, but about. About like a a couple of weeks before the end of my second year I think that was your senior year. one of my fraternity mates got killed outside of our house I think it's like it was huge news at Berkeley right like profits class in nuclear engineering. Really I don't remember I apologize. There's there's a lot from my past. That's a blurb, but yeah. Yeah, yeah, so he was. He was stabbed outside Sigma Pi. And I was I was like there. I had seen him like minutes before that. So the trial unravelled a over the next couple of years and. It slowly some. If some of my about this podcast is GONNA be like! Wow, we didn't even know this, but you know when I was sitting in the through a case and going through that case I felt this. Kid You know when I learned more about it turns out like he was. Small was unemployed. She works for nonprofit. Is that I? Think was like construction work, but you either way. They came from a working class. Family went to public schools he went to. Berkeley High School nearby. And I sitting in that courtroom I kind of felt more. I felt like I empathize with him. You know 'cause he he. He reminded me of you know the people kids grew up with You Know An. Myself came through the environment and I know that I'm very fortunate to be where I'm at You know I you make your own luck, but a lot of it is you catch outbreaks along the way and I kind of was keenly aware of how close I was from not being at Berkeley, not being where I was. You know and so. I I couldn't help feel empathy for him, and so it kind of made me like. You know I wanted justice for my. My friend, who was killed tragically, but I I also felt like his kids GonNa. he kills one drunken site. Right and so I was like it gets convicted. He goes to prison. Justice just felt elusive, really lucid to me and I think that was experience was very transformative for me especially with my background everything that was going on knowing. Justice and so. You know I got to law school and I actually was recruited to help. Run A campaign for my one of my mentors. Ru Training is a form of public County new has private practice now. was running for DA and so if. I. Don't know people pay attention, but the recent election Cisco They elected a yes boden from the San Francisco, public office, but he wasn't I poetry a run for DA And so he ran. He ran for da I manage his campaign. Obviously lost George, GASCON Wanda year and but just being with him. Just he was like you know. I was working at A. A firm that summer I was out wasn't happy on civil, a civil work and I just wasn't happy. And like you got for public office and so I did. And I the next semester. A you know got got internship at Contra Costa Public Office and I fell over the work it just.

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