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This kid is a quality athlete. I'm excited to see him test this week. Let's get to the D tackles the interior guys. Obviously Quinton Williams is the guy that heads up that group, but who else fits different parts of your criteria on the interior. Yeah. I think, you know, at Oliver, you look at his guy that it will certainly be a workout warrior, right? I mean in terms of the raw numbers, he's gonna post ridiculous athletic testing scores for defensive tackle. The question will be what does he weigh in it? Does he come in at two eighty five and put up great tests numbers? If he does that. I think he's he's a lock now back into that discussion. We initially talked about him, and you know, the top ten top twelve people have been slowly dropping him in these mock drafts has fallen to fourteen to Atlanta's he falling out of the first round in general. I mean, it's kind of crazy because we were just talking about him a year ago as a lock for the number one number two number three. And now we're saying, oh, he might fall out completely Daniel Jeremiah said on his his conference call on Monday that some teams might look. A him as kind of a Melvin Ingram edge player. You stand him up off the edge. So I can't wait to see what Oliver ways in it. I think we'll get that number on Friday. But we'll see what he weighs in it. I expect to test very very well. So we'll see there are a lot of really intriguing athletes on the defensive tackle position in this class and Christian Wilkins is a guy that should test. Very very well across the board Draymond Jones from Ohio State guy. I'm very very intrigued by he's going to test. Really, well, Gerald Willis has an explosive first step kid that really kind of a one year wonder at the college level initially a five star recruit. Landon Collins little brother goes to Florida has issued their transfers to Miami. And again took some time away from the game came back as a senior and now had a huge year and really kind of put himself on the map as a big time prospect. So we'll see what happens with Gerald Willis this week. He would really help himself with a quality workout one got to keep an eye on John Kaminsky from from Charleston, West Virginia D to kid is a really. Oppressive athlete. I mean for a big kid former high school quarterback that showed up. I want to say he was like two fifteen to twenty when he first got to campus. Now, he's like two hundred and eighty five pound defensive lineman was three four this past year. Only had three sacks. And that's the thing that people are kind of crushing them on. You know, it was the lack of production at a lower level of competition. But you watch Kaminsky, and he is just bigger and faster than everybody at that level of competition. Here's a very intriguing developmental player that I would expect to test very well Rennell Rin from Arizona state, another guy that I think will test well this week and really will continue to impress people. Again, slashes really well on film had a really good start to the week at the senior bowl kind of tailed off as the week went on. But was one of the stars of Monday's practice of Tuesday's practice rather? So I think when you look at a lot of these guys you could see why defensive tackles viewed as one of the best positions in this draft. There's a lot of town a lot of guys that should test. Very very well this week. I like it. All right. Let's get to the next position group, and we're talking linebackers friend. Yeah. I looked at the number one guy is Devon white from LSU. He's been compared a lot. So it's a roquan Smith from last year's class out of Georgia..

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