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It's that they left the guy or you know. I mean pretty much. That's the that's the only time that. Be They're being blackmailed. Or something. So you know revenge is just wrong in on its face. But the the second part pornography is I think problematic to because it's not something that should we should be looking at in the same vein is something that you know is is used by millions for an allowable form of of sexual enjoyment, which is pornography, and this is not that this is exploitative photos and videos that are used without the consent of the person in the. person or persons in those and. Over ninety percent of victims of cyber exploitation and It has devastating consequences I mean mine you know mine was a was a very public one was an I've talked about my own suicidal thoughts. I have had so many women. Reach out to me afterwards saying they went through this and said the thing happened to them and just me sharing my story was really meaningful so that they didn't feel so alone and I actually think that my are full of people saying this happened to a friend of theirs in able because of the research I did for the buck especially, I've been able to provide resources that I help are actually helpful. Will you hope people learn from your experience when they read the book? I have a few things. One is I hope that the experiences that I talk about that both I've been through and and the other examples that I use that they aren't alone and that there is a universality of these experiences that we we. We need to see a systemic sexism in need to take a true concerted effort to break down or it's not going to be broken down. That's. The first thing the second thing is I hope that they're able from these experience see from the stories that I tell your in within their experiences. Maybe maybe somebody at an earlier age than me reads it and says, you know what? This is what my relationship looks like and that's not right and I need to get out of this or that's that's honestly one of the based learning. Moments or things that I hope to instill in especially younger women like the the part about. Control and abuse women especially, younger women are really prone to getting into those kinds of relationships especially after they've been assaulted or have gone through a traumatic experience and I really hope that people read that and. It allows them to reflect on their own relationships choices. But the third is saying that you know we do have a we have a path forward and we can solve these problems in that we're obligated to. It's been a hundred years since we we got to vote hard fought battles that that other women are our form others had to go through and that we are we okay with where we've made it in one hundred years and for me, the answer is no. So I'm also not okay with waiting another hundred years to get to what we would consider equality I think. The book is a call to Action of saying that if we want to. If you want to truly change this, then we need to enact these policies but even before enacting these policies on the way they're gonNA happen is if you elect more women and our that as electing women because they're women and you know we've always we always hear oh well, yeah, we should elect women but it's not the right woman or I don't. Know I just don't like she's too annoying or she's too ambitious or she's to this to that, and all of those are excuses that are internalized frankly internalized sexism if it's if it's not more than that and so when I say electrical because they're women, it's it's it's an intentional challenge to that notion and it's frankly saying that we'd been electing men because they're men for this entire time. So you know was flip the switch on. People who listening will probably wondering why we're not talking about the vice presidential pick. Because, we're recording this before that pick has been made but when people listen, it will have been made so will will not make any predictions about that. Do you think and I know you get this question a lot but I'm GONNA ask it to you also. Giving you remain active and. You're dealing with the issues that have. that. Have hurt you at have held you back and caused to resign. Do you think you might run for office again or make an impact doing things outside of elective office? Only I will never rule anything out because if you'd ask me five years ago would ever run for office dancers probably now so I know how? I know how quickly things can change but it's certainly not in my immediate. Term plans of any sort, but but what is is really trying to make an impact through the organization. I started her time, which has a you know three main ways of of mobilizing people in the first is helping women get elected especially these these long shot women candidates that haven't necessarily gotten national attention putting in the resources at an early stage so that we can that we can actually make an impact in and help people pass that viability tests. The second is to activate young women voters. I'm in a way that I think that they have I think it's an untapped untapped potential there. Were working and doing some research with her time that can help us kind of figure out what it is going to take to get women from eighteen to forty, who can be such a powerful voting bloc to do that to mobilize for our candidates and not just ours but democratic and progressive ones across the board. And then the third is once people are elected or or even those who are already in office we're going to be pushing these policies like you pay like passing hr one and getting rid of gerrymandering getting big money out of politics because that such a barrier people raising the minimum wage that has a disproportionate impact on minutes ending for arbitration. So it's the. Policies I'm in priorities that will push It's an agenda feminist agenda. If you will that will be advocating for as well. So I'm going to be able to focus on on her time as really feel like it's a I know that it's going make an impact I'm excited about that. This is just the beginning in the next cycle after the presidential races. We're GONNA. Have a hell of a time trying to maintain the seats in the house. If you just look at history, you almost always see the party of the the president who is elected loses seats in the following house election and so you know I think we're gonNA need to really fight. To make sure that doesn't happen. And finally I've running joke on the show in which I say that there is a secret law that was passed federally in this country that mandates every former government official to start a podcast. Proving me. Point. Oh yeah, it's. It's. It's almost you know especially for those who like you and I either resigned or retired you gotTA start a bucket. T tell tell folks about your podcast and then we'll let you go do your good work. Sure. So the name of the podcast is at naked politics with Katie. Hill and we're just leaning all in. And the idea is basically getting into the dirty stuff around politics and things that people don't necessarily see your know about because it's not talked about much. So for example, the first person that I talked to. Bill Burton who is Obama's spokesperson and who actually started the first Major Democratic Super Pac in twenty exit started in twenty eleven. Or maybe the beginning of two thousand twelve but it was after citizens united in just talking about you know what it does take to compete with the other side and the dirty aspects of it urges. Of living in this world that means. So I'm really excited about some of the people that we've got coming on with that current and former elected who are willing to share their. Stuff that they normally wouldn't but also just people who are in this space. We'll see we'll see if people care about this front, but I'm interested in it. Well. As I learned when I first started doing podcasts, the most important thing is that you have an interest in it and you have curiosity about it and if you do then other people will also That's my by one my one bit of advice that was given to me. Katie Hill. Thanks for being with. US thanks for your book. Thanks for sharing your stories. The book is she will rise becoming a warrior in the.

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