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Of the blades in one of those engines snapped on that southwest flight tuesday breaking a window leading to a passenger's death when she was literally sucked part way out of the plane senator elizabeth warren says marijuana shouldn't be banned by washington in a friday tweet the democrats said the federal government needs to get out of the business of out long marijuana in states that and she says states should make their own decisions about a forcing pot laws warrants tweet came after the top senate democrat minority leader chuck schumer said hill introduced legislation taking marijuana off the list of federal controlled substances former massachusetts governor mitt romney has one of the best known names in politics but he still has to face nearly a dozen utah contenders in his bid to restart his political career in the us senate romney faces a crowd of far right leaning delegates today at the utah republican party convention a loss there would be awkward for romney but it wouldn't end his campaign that's because candidates can also win a primary spot in utah by gathering voter signatures and romney has already done that the university of rhode island school of ocean graffiti is teaming up with woods hole and unh to bring a new research vessel to campus wpro's bill haberman has that story the graduate devotion agra fevers cordless says that time is winding down on the current research vessel endeavor she is now forty years old scheduled to be taken out of service over the next few years brings great visibility to to the state of rhode island is well university rhode island and it also provides a technical abilities that can be very useful to state is part of the east coast consortium which has been to operate the hundred million dollar research festival which mung other things eleven enhanced ability to map the ocean floor among other things the endeavor was used to help in the development of the block island wind farm bill haberman wpro news a brown university student is the winner of the jeopardy college championship on television the.

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