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This was maybe the first thing you know. I wasn't project manager about the project office manager. I was living in this kind of trying to predict things. That are not predictable. And i was living in this fake world of upgrading certainty where as no certainty and we had these giant projects where we had a change free chris procedure so it was a fall procedure. You wanted to change. You need to fill in ten played and sent this to the total projects that the total product for the senate to the main projects and the main projects that. Send it to the Projects and all of them need to do an analysis. Write-down bring it back to the main project to the total project and after three months we can maybe take a decision about a change from the customer is acceptable. It's a change fighting procedure so and because we had like two hundred fifty of those per project you can imagine the atmosphere tiff over heavy so was off the triggers of our attention summation so we have is way to say can. Change is the norm when the project glenn works out exactly as we thought its the abnormally case. We have optimize our whole up for the economic case and all the time. We are writing exemptions so we need to turn this around. So how do we reconcile. We have customers who are asking. When can we have this feature. We don't get the wrong bet because customers want to plan their budgets. They want to know when they can lend their part of the project and song and because of that we need to predict. Now how do you predict in an unpredictable worlds and the answer is took me actually quite a while to read embrace it. you know. you're not atoll any all of a sudden sake. Anti is the solution to everything today. I would say agility. This is the answer at not agile because agile is just embracing uncertainty in one way but not everything on the planet is totally unpredictable and so actually a waterfall approach makes sense when you have another predictability and the so you need to look when you're planning something when you try to flora cost and predicting you'll often you have a body of experience from the past. Maybe the system that you have been developing on yourself i system. It's not like it's completely new. You're not a startup anymore. When you're stuck you cannot predict the just explore as fast as possible and create learning. But when you have done it for a while that is certain ability to compare okay. This new functionality battery should put in what receive right now from a complexity point of view..

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