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They don't go to the sidelines and you can't keep up. I just know they can only play one style of football. They are limited by their quarterback. Cantors agree. Do they have the weapons on the outside that could make it happen with a better quarterback? They don't yet to win a title. You're right. It's a fatal flaw. If I'm Jay Gruden though. I'm thinking I want to keep my job at wanna, make the playoffs. And I think they could do that with this kind of close to the vest limited off. It's a very interesting match of this week when they play the Cowboys because those two teams are very similar feels like there's only room for one. You know, it's like it's like there's sometimes actors are on the same corner. There's only room for one. There's only room for one of these like close to the vest. We want to run the ball. We're not. We can only play for a head team from the NFC east to make an Chris response. Right, exactly. So we're going to find out this week who's Chris Evans? There's this quote, sorry, pine Pontics eat. There's this quote about sick Gilman. One of the best offense of mines in history and Bill Walsh was similar that he made the defense cover the entire fifty three by one hundred yard field. And you see the chiefs do that. Now the Redskins don't, and it's the quarterback. Difference. All right, Mark, I want you to think about this analytically. Not with your heart. I don't know if I have that ability, but I'll attempt to you can do this. The Pittsburgh Steelers, locker room, fatal, flaw long-haul. No, I don't think it is, and here's one thing is fatal flaw. Okay. Here's one thing that I feel like and the Steelers are a long shot at this point with the other teams to win the Super Bowl. But when you think about those, the America's game Super Bowl like recaps those incredible hour, long specials. This feels like the setup for one of the best ones of all time. You're running backs. Not there. You're wide receivers, mouthy, everyone's going off. It's a total drama filled locker room, but then they somehow find a way to get it done. This doesn't feel that different to me than Steelers locker rooms of. So no, I don't. They're gonna ask your worst nightmare. The America's game two thousand eighteen. Look. It's love bell. It's juju. And Tom, I will not watch it, but I do think other, hey, Bill couldn't bend was like, then I'll just hire an assassin on Craigslist. Take me up point here. Can we really no to any degree of certainty what's going on? No room regardless. We have someone to kill you. That may come when I have to write the Thursday night. Broncos cardinals recap that money. Yeah, save it. Save the money for your family, at least level kill. Howdy. I'm going to be leaving the world forever. Also. I'm gonna put us underwater financially because I'm gonna hire really accomplished hitman. Yeah. What that's brutal Rica. Well, also by the way you have to get that job right. Well, yeah, you can't go halfway with that job very morbid conversation. I'm enjoying it though. The Minnesota Vikings ground attack and all line, Greg fatal flaw long-haul long-haul because I think the the strengths on their team can be strong enough to overcome that. When you have a quarterback in cousins, who's playing better under pressure than than he ever has before, and you have a defense that has the potential to be much better than they have. They need to be much better. I think they can make up their running backs are fine. So it's really the line we're talking about, and I think they can make up for for that line ran well last week, not a great opponent, but Davin cook will come back eventually and they do have a wildcard. They drafted a guy named Brian O'Neill in the second round, and maybe he wasn't ready to start at the beginning of the year, but he played last week and that's when they had their best rushing game of the year. So maybe Brian O'Neill works as way in there and help stabilize about the falcons defense, fatal flaw flaw for a month. Now, and people aren't willing to accept it. But. It's or these people that won't accept grows. And the only one that has an accent, it's going to doom them. It's not. It's not a matter. It's not a matter of win..

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