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Question. Should trump run again for president to find the answer. We follow the story of Trump's covid response to see where the former president is most vulnerable. Listen to the red pilled America podcast right now on the I Heart radio app. Call strong build the most comfortable call. You'll never make. That bag. Yes, I It's it's Tuesday. That feeling you have, isn't there? I hope people really, really watch Seinfeld. Garrett Lewis with you three things. I think you need to know here on K. Honest he brought to you by strong Bill plumbing, air and solar. And a lot of stuff is happening. Um Three things phony and number one, the chief medical officer of Pima County, Francisco, Garcia said the quiet part out loud I have it on my page at Cannes, etc. Dot com. He actually admitted generation and that the kids reported to Bima County that have covid aren't getting it at school. You're not getting infected. The classrooms are getting infected in their communities their homes after school activities. Yep, it's there. So why are we pushing masks and making kids quarantine when they're not sick? Why is that happening? None of it has ever made sense. Second thing I think you need to know that's on my page came as two dot com second thing that I think you need to know. And this is this is a big one. Right here. This is a very, very big one. Um and I saw it. It's coming out. I think it was the intercept that had at first. Apparently a top scientist now, says Anthony Fauci has lied. About the Wuhan lab research. He has lied about it. The intercept has over 900 new pages of previously undisclosed information. They got it through a FOIA. And it shows that Echo Health Alliance. Use federal grant money. From Fauci. To fund the coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab in China. The dude lied about it. He lied under oath to Rand. Paul. Anthony Fauci was paying the Wuhan lab to create these coronavirus is I I don't know what this is. This is just crazy. This is just crazy. We've known this We We knew it. And now it's just that the facts 100% lined up that way. Now with with with the with the evidence, I should say the evidence. Um we'll get to that third thing. I think you need to know. Is The the State Department is trying to take credit for a veteran working with other veterans to get a mom and her three kids. Right? Three kids. Out of Afghanistan ages 2 to 15 3 kids along with the mom left behind stranded by Biden. Taliban said You come here again. Try to get the airport will kill you. Uh And so these veterans went in there did a two week long around the clock rescue mission got her out, and then Biden State department tried to take credit for it. Bunch of dirt balls. Three things I think you need to know. So Speaking of of of all of this going on with the Afghans, and everything else? Um There was a story I saw over the weekend. 12 news up in Phoenix had it And And they said that Arizona is going to be the number we're going to be the number one place in the country for the Afghan refugees. Do. She's out there telling people it must be getting back then that were complaining, saying, What are you doing? Like these people are even get. They're not even getting vetted. Do she's out there putting out statements. They're getting vetted. Don't worry. No, that you're liar. You're a flat out liar. And I don't know why there's not more Republicans besides state Senator Kelly Townsend. Was out there trying to call this out, too. 12 news dot com. You ready for this? Arizona likely to become top destination for Afghan refugees. So what? Why? Arizona? I'm telling you. It's because they're trying. The Dems are trying to turn Arizona purple. We're not purple. I don't care what they say. We're not purple. They see you know, the the Oregonians, The Washington State people. The New Yorkers that California is coming in and let's finish it all. But let's let's get some Afghans there. Right. Let's do that. I'm telling you Put them in places. Why do you think they're putting Afghans here that are unvetted, But Cubans escaping communism like Forget you'll vote Republican peace out. Yeah, I know. So all this is happening, right? We're gonna be the number one place in the country for for Afghan refugees. Let's go to Rick Grenell. Ric Grenell did a lot for Trump. Um, he was the the ambassador to the UN Um and and he still has people. He actually also was, I believe the ambassador to Germany. Right. He was ambassador Germany. Then he became. I believe the U. N ambassador had a lot of titles. He's just a very smart guy. Very smart guy. And he went on Fox, who said. There's a lot of problems going on with the vetting of these Afghan refugees, and again, a lot of them are coming to Arizona. This is not good. This is not good. Let's start with number 79 listen to this. The Biden team is asking career officials to put these people through quickly when there is a lack of information when they don't have documentation. They're being told to use a hunch. Use your own internal mechanism to know whether or not these individuals should come to the United States. Now, let me just say that you're putting career officials in a terrible position. Because now they are going to get in trouble there. Congress mandates these criterias the State Department should be taking it's time we all want to welcome refugees and Americans. We we welcome a million Americans every single year. But there's 100 million people waiting in line. We have to have better vetting. I'm very nervous at the vetting process, so they have no documents, and we're using hunches. And, uh and, yes, That we're using hunches. Punches. That's what it comes down to hunches..

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