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Going to be a year not to have a Lilac Festival. Yeah, this might have been it. No lilacs and it snowed when they would have been having the parade. Here's a thing of note last Friday. Bob? Matthews retired after. Is it thirty five years of doing a his talk show on this radio station. I was working on a a writing project last week I was on furlough, but I came in and used my office I'm putting together. Look a book It'll be out in. November something like that, but is in here writing. And I knew that he had you know in effect putting his two weeks, notice and through last week. you know a was the week before now. I was with I back last was gone last week or okay, whatever it was Oh! Yeah, it was. It was a Friday before last. It was a week ago Friday. He he retired anyway the point the point being. It was his decision and all of his tried to talk him out of him. I have worked with Bob Matthews since nineteen, Eighty, eight for thirty two years I at the Times Union where we were the last two columnist at that paper, and then here this radio station as well where you know, we have the great privilege of of of hosting radio programs. And you know it's. It's not like Mr Matthews and I are like bosom pals. Have you know all these thirty two years stood in professional awe and admiration of him he was a huge success as a newspaper man, and he was a huge success as a radio broadcaster. He either one of his achievements as the sports columnist. or As sports talk, show host would have put him in the front rank of of media. in well, really a couple of generations in Rochester. There's nobody close but from deal gun them. Both is is pretty spectacular any rate It was BOB stick a couple of months off. You can work from home. You just do work three four days a week if you want. We'll get somebody. Come in and sit with you wherever along those lines but he only you know. I guess he would know just lying wanted to be done. And I stood over here in the newsroom during his last broadcast were several on the staff and listened to the wonderful tributes. And hearing the emotional Mr Matthews voice there were tears in is all around he has been for two generations and is a giant. God blessing and thank God. We've got news there. We're going to find out what's happening at Wells College on Newsradio, wham eighty..

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