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He knew the difference he knows the difference guys a clown. lounge room of the old song clowns to the left of me jokers to the right here I am stuck in the middle with you that's got to be president trumps the not the theme from the godfather but a theme of being surrounded by jokers and idiots and malcontents I mean the media border they lie or do they live this article about from The New York Times about the way the right wing media is characterizing. the impeachment story I got I got to read some of this to you I know you don't care. about the New York times you don't you probably don't read The New York Times but you gotta understand that for millions of leftist this is their Bible. so this is this is the garbage they're reading in the newspaper that is so bad these days that they change the headline that was remotely neutral on trump or short of positive on trouble trumps stood up and gave a speech condemning racism and hatred. line said trump condemns racism and hatred. and they have such a boat push back from their crazy loony readers turn the headlights into an anti trump have one even though that was literally what trump did that's today's New York times I give you yesterday's column headline everything your scene is deception how white with quote unquote that's what we're saying that everything here she was deception how the right wing media talks about impeachment they quite they quote mark live in. warnings that there's a lot of disinformation misinformation. they quote Rush Limbaugh. you're gonna know everything you need to know about this latest full scandal everything you're seeing his deception. Michael savage joined in circling the wagons they write. the the right wing media those of us should talk radio now mind you you can look at all the facts yourself because never before have we seen reports released so quickly this president released. the whistle blower report. he released the transcript of his conversation with Lewinsky within hours of this hitting the fan. but here's how the New York times characterizes us in talk radio. and the so called right wing media their narrative Mitch key facts like Mr trump's in treaty to the Ukrainian president so Lynskey quote I would like you to do us a favor. so many bad which showed overall we work from the transcript yes look into the company always draw a blank on that company too what's the name of the company guys Blackstone cold stone cold stone creamery black house. well right crowds right thanks Derek. that's what that was the favor looking to grab strike and and they're in their efforts to try to find out about the DNC hacked we met at that that's a lie. it portrays the president's political opponents and the mainstream media as contemptible and corrupt persecutors blinded by hatred and their failure to bring him down so far well yeah true true and true the the the political part of the mainstream media are contemptible are corrupt are blinded by hatred. but that's the New York times for you that's what they do that's how they will incidentally I want to apologize I had a congressman wrong and I've I I don't want to blame my team I I I'd love to believe that when I make a mistake they're going to correct me immediately but sometimes they're out to lunch like I am all out to lunch I had the wrong congressman in terms of correcting of of correcting Adam Schiff yesterday until I got John Radcliffe mixed up with brat with Brad wind when strip and my apologies it was Brad when struck that do we have that clip guys we've got when strip was the one who called out Adam Schiff and my apologies I had the two of them mixed up and had the wrong one so let's listen to the Ohio congressman Republican from the Buckeye state he's the guy who corrected Adam Schiff called him out exposed him for this fraudulent made up yes share your times corrupt. this information a conversation that didn't happen a conversation that did not occur. the U. later called parity. I mean it's unbelievable the president tweeted out he's been treated a lot today of course we'll try to catch up with the president's tweets here which is treat representative Adam Schiff totally made up my conversation with Ukraine president and read it to Congress and millions he must resign and be investigated. he has been doing this for two years he is a sick man. you'll recall Adam Schiff was the one who said he had incontrovertible evidence that there was Russian collusion he had a smoking gun remember. Waller spent millions in two three years well nothing. well nothing. that's was the congressman when struck this is you guys got the clip guys wanna make sure we give credit where credit is due and yeah you know apologies were a little bit off our game this week sometimes I get a little bit for Clinton we get we get a little on the when you call it the good this is the clip that lab center Pavlina guys about a half hour ago Brad web strip correcting Adam Schiff yesterday important quote important because shift was forced to call what he said a complete and utter parity now that's that's more to finally bad that showing perishing and when Nancy Pelosi gets in front of the world and says well this is a serious matter this is no matter we're very sad about this this is a dark chapter in our nation again she's trying to you to apply gravitas she's trying to apply a seriousness to a very serious process. ash says that only has to do. with one thing shopping this president that's it. end of sentence it's sad it's disgusting and it's it's really repulsive portions of our shore brought to you by noble gold investments contact five star rated noble gold investments dot com get tips on.

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