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Center security forces is detaining boys as young as fourteen they accused of belonging to these lennick state and barred the elderly and sick from stopping to rest during the difficult journey out of the wartorn district a more than half mile long trek on foot over mounds of rubble in one hundred fifteen degree heat many said billions are still believed to be trapped in the islamic state run and clave with around fifteen hundred fleeing with every one hundred meter advance by the iraqi forces those emerging from the old city at this late stage in the fight were weak injured gaunt and pale for months the district has been nba barton by iraqi artillery and cut off from food and water the fight for muscle is taking a devastating toll on the old city's residents doctors without borders said in a statement on wednesday only a fraction who require medical attention are actually receiving it and many are just dying on the battlefield according to the humanitarian organisations one men with a fractured leg was carried out wednesday by a relative surgical metal pens protruding through the white bandages a small girl her head wrapped in gaza walked past the soldiers holding her mother's had another man approached on crutches his right leg was missing below the dean an elderly man who was stripped down to his underwear staggered toward the soldiers i recognize him from the dice propaganda videos special forces lieutenant haddad yelled at the two soldiers grabbed the man and sat on the side of the road and questioned him iraqi soldiers increasingly accused civilians dillon said of the relatives of the islamic state fighters some three hundred militants are estimated to be inside a six hundred square yard of territory women and children who are found to be carrying weapons are allowed to pass men and boys go through a much more stringent process it is right about thirteen minutes past the hour this is america's morning news where the nation's news breaks mary won't marriages right use cash just like the one you're listening to her growing if.

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