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Oh, but you're doing a great job and I really enjoyed listening to you. I only get selected in front because I had to cut back my hours so I could get the widow's benefits on at this. What we're doing. Good God looking over me so Well, God bless you, Audrey. Thank you so much for calling a radio. Appreciate it. Thank you so much. Triple 8971 s a G Triple 8971. 7243 Growing anger among Democrats over comments made by Ilhan Omar. Likening Hamas to Israel. Considering Israel to be a terrorist state. She delay, referring to Israel as an apartheid state. You know, around 70% of Jews in this country pull the lever for the Democratic Party. At least half of them are strong Supporters of Israel. This is not good for the Democratic Party. But a growing percentage of young people I think I read almost as many as half Support the Palestinians over the Israelis. Completely totally ignorant about the history of the conflict as bill more pointed out. Yeah. There's a piece called Meet the Hamas billionaires. In an Israeli newspaper called Globes. International paper, one of the first International newspapers when the Internet first got off and running. Talk about a Lecturer at the Middle East Department of the Western Galilee Academic College. In Israel. Dr Marcia Allied. Served in senior positions in the territories for 30 years. He talks about all these Hamas leaders. Who become unbelievably wealthy. And Hamas fundraise razors to become wealthy, I guess. Fundraising can be pretty lucrative. One of the fundraisers is a doctor. Musa Abu Marzouq, the number two man in Hamas..

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