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Things that major league baseball is experiment thing. God is a pitch clock on Friday MLB announced that was experimenting with a new pace of play rule that implements a twenty second pitch clock in spring training. So the question is whether or not it's going to make its way into the regular season by next year. So here's the way it works. It's actually a clock that sets itself at twenty seconds and the batter's expected to be in the Bandbox right away. And the pitcher is expected to deliver the ball within twenty seconds. So we'll see league announced over the weekend. How fees it in in a three part process. I the clock will operate with zero enforcement suit to familiarize the players with the system, but they're in the minor leagues. You know, these clocks are already in place in the minor leagues. So as the younger players come up. They're already used to it. You know? But the big question is will Mitchell league baseball enforce it. What happens the penalty is that the batter isn't in the boxer the pitches and delivered within twenty seconds. It's a it's a ball on the pitcher. So we'll see how that goes. That oughta go over real, well, how would the basis loaded in the seventh game of the World Series in the count three and two. Oh, yeah. Yeah. This going to be really enforced. Police say a mother faked her five year old son's illness to collect disability checks listen to this Jefferson award winner. Here's FOX's Marcus white. With the story. He was put on a number of medications and put in a wheelchair Teresa Ross, son. Also had a feeding tube as his parents continued to collect disability checks the case began to unravel three years ago when the boy was taken to a hospital in Atlanta and receive the treatment for several illnesses, which investigators now say we're completely made up healthcare workers became suspicious of the mother and alerted the department of family and children's services the child who was a mood from the home. He's now when DFDS custody Roth was arrested in has been charged with first degree child cruelty. Police say there could be additional arrests as they learn more about the case Mark is white. Fox news. Of course, your dog's personality. Right. Your dog owner your dog lovers. So, you know, you're familiar with your dogs personality? But you know, then it could also change Michigan State University. Researchers surveyed the owners over sixteen hundred dogs of various breeds in ages, the lead study author and professor of psychology said that we found correlations in three main areas agent personality in human to dog personality similarities in the influence of dogs personality has on the quality of its relationship with its owner. Specifically, they found that older dogs are very hard at a train the sweet spot for teaching dog obedience is around each six and that fear in executive rarely will change your dog. After that. After that age. This leads study of this office says that the you adopt a dog if you adopt a dog from a shelter. Some traits are likely tied to biology and resistance to change. But you then put it into a new environment where it's loved it's walked it's entertained often while things can. Change the dog, then might become more relaxed and sociable and willing to accept change. And you can teach the old dog new tricks now that we know that dogs personalities can indeed change next. We want to make strong connections to understand why dogs act the way they do and change the way they do. So good dog bad dog their personalities can actually change. It's now five thirty NewsRadio nine twenty eleven can give them the change the positive changed. I keep that in mind. Extra hug for Fido. I'm craft and a warrant for his rest issued this week for his alleged involvement in a sex trafficking sting on Friday. But the patriots owner is denying engaging in any illegal activity at least right now. Police Jupiter Florida said Friday craft is among several men who were seen on video engaged in illegal sexual activity at that spa that was under investigation for sex trafficking. Surveillance video apparently has him on two separate occasions. Now, this is a misdemeanor. You know? Visually carries with it like a five hundred dollar fine. Some public service and awareness, classes and things like that. But that has nothing to do with what the NFL might come down on him with because this is a clear violation of the NFL's morals policy puts the league in a bad light. So gives the Commissioner Roger Goodell pretty broad brush on how he could penalize craft in the patriots. You know, me I'm expecting a huge fine. Maybe loss of some draft picks. Who knows you know, he'll get suspended from any activity with the team for quite some time. We'll see maybe six eight games. That's that's me. Just you know, looking into the crystal ball. This is what it says, by the way, the policy we're all held to a higher standard in must conduct ourselves in a way that is responsible promotes the value of the NFL end is lawful. All right end of statement of policy while you tell me you you put that up against what Mr Graefe might be charged with formerly by the way, he hasn't been charged yet that could come down today you put that up against that statement. And tell me if you think he violated policy legal fight over a common weed killer roundup continues today in the federal court in California. I forget. If you've got this on your gardening shelf. You might wanna pay attention to this. His FOX's Jessica Rosenthal. Federal judge Vincent Chavarria picks, Edwin Harman's case to go first out of hundreds of pending cases against Monsanto in each one. They allege Monsanto's weed killer roundup caused non-hodgkin's lymphoma in Hardiman case his attorneys say he used it on his exotic animal refuge property in sonoma's county for years through twenty twelve. He was diagnosed with lymphoma a month before the international agency for research on cancer classified life Assayed, the key ingredient in round up as a likely human carcinogen that was in two thousand fifteen Monsanto insists far too many studies have shown glyphosate is safe. Jessica rosenthal. Fox News the night for Rhode Island last night at the Oscars ninety first annual Academy Awards in the history books. Best picture goes to the Farrelly brothers. Green book. The also scored the supporting actor Oscar for green book marshal Ali and also original screen. Play goes to green book, and as he had promised far leash decided to thank the entire state. I got a lot of people to thank starting with the entire state of Rhode Island. All right. That's good to hear a promise fulfilled way to go Christina United and due to. Well, now, we didn't do well at marked down our our choices and put them in a mayonnaise job before we split. And I beat you two to one. Close game though. I got green book. Correct. But I was voting with my heart. You know, what am I head for the most part because I got to tell you. I didn't. I haven't seen any of these movies. Now, I've seen one of them. I think you saw. No. Yeah. I think you saw too. Didn't you see bohemian rhapsody Black Panthers? Okay. So bohemian rhapsody that was your pick. Lot of good reviews. But but we both got Rami Malik as best actor. That was your only score. You know, the biggest surprise think of the night last night was a Livia Coleman of the favourite beating Glenn Close. Right. Everybody had Glenn Close as the that the likely winner on that. But so that's how that's how it all came down. So I beat you to to to one. So we can both be very very proud of mix whichever throwing the gob is right now. So it didn't have a host last night. But I guess apparently they still had to Rome into the world of politics as we hear from Machel Pollino city to come the most awards at the ninety first annual Academy Awards on ABC with four while green book Black Panther Roma all grabbed three awards green book getting the best picture director. Peter Farrelly address the racial component story is about love. It's about loving each other despite our differences and finding out the truth about who we are. We're the same people getting his first competitive Oscar for at screenplay for. Black klansman he turned to the twenty twenty election during his speech, make the more toys, which we love versus. Hey, let's do the right thing backstage is the ninety first Academy Awards. Michelle Pollino, Fox News. Yeah. He's a real class. Act Spike Lee last night, supposedly storming out or trying to storm out when green book when the the Oscar for best picture because he lost to driving miss daisy. A while back, and I guess apparently that has that wound has never gone away for Spike Lee. But he's you know, he's there he is lecturing us to do the right thing in two thousand twenty but he can't have enough class to stay put because is moving loses booking flights soon. You may want to try booking two one way tickets rather than a return fair because it could be cheaper. This is interesting data from a booking platform called kayak shows booking. Two one way tickets to destinations including Tel Aviv. New Orleans in Dallas. Workout to twenty one percent cheaper than if you book a return flight. Did you the round-tripper? The only issue is that you you got a book the flights entirely separately. What a pain that is also the researchers looked at those flights to the destinations from London. So keep that in mind too. So who knows take it with a grain of salt, you do your own research? And that's how you're going to find out new sunscreen could become an our way we've all heard how important it is to wear sunscreen, and now the food and Drug administration. The FDA has announced its proposing new sunscreen regulations aimed at improving the safety and the effectiveness of the stuff. The proposed changes include updates which ingredients are considered Saint for use in sunscreens, which products can be marketed broad spectrum. How high the sun protection factor goes can be in. What information needs to be on the products labels? Now. One of the biggest proposed changes to sunscreen is an update to the types of sunscreen ingredients that are classified as generally recognized as safe and effective a term. That means the ingredient doesn't. Need to be approved by the FDA to be marketed believe it or not and among the changes that are being proposed. One other would be that sunscreens with an SPF fifteen or higher should also provide broad spectrum protection. Meaning that they protect against both UVA in UV rays. Some consumer advocates welcomed the proposed changes sunscreens can be very very confusing. You know, which ones are the most effective and boom, boom. There's a big difference between sunscreen and sunblock they are distinctively different. So you've got to read the labels, and you've got to read the agreed ingredients, very, very carefully. These folks want to make it easier. Anything that's easier in life and be beautiful and welcome clock's ticking for the winner of a one point five billion with a B dollar jackpot to come forward and South Carolina. Jerry Thomas has that story the deadline for the person to come forward is five PM eastern on April nineteenth. No one has come forward yet. And that has everyone talking in the small town of Simpson. Bell South Carolina where the ticket was sold. One person. In town wondered if mega millions ever plan to award. Jackpot at all. If the ticket goes unclaimed..

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