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Jamal murray okay i didn't think number three i have spencer dinwiddie slash and it's a slash because this doing play enough games but branko he improved shitting me compared to rookie here the reason i picked spence than what he obviously he bounced around each chicago com really find a home he gets a place where like if you want to resurrect your career even starts a career go to fuck the boston shot kenny akerson get you oakland brooklyn name allen craft forty point game last night since we speaking about the nets kenny akerson and get your opportunity and then my third clink appel that's good that's good he's legit offense right somehow that wasn't the case last year last year was too but this year just more this year just move mea i seen her thing which i got hard no my god you got westbrook in the first team okay keep going west bacar let me hear yours westberg harnett when mckee let me know westbrook harder i know you got the bronze and lebron ad and be what okay you want me to go do yours there i got hard littler katie lebron and today my boy we got the same list anthony davis capacity as a center i know i had that as well but i'm like james i got russell westbrook james harden lebron kevin durant anthony davis second thing so we agree but you got russell westbrook over lamey okay second team for me with steph curry russell westbrook.

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