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Dino. Mog Leo was totally aware that those good reviews were his biggest currency and he didn't just force guest to write them. Reporters figured out that his profile was also filled with fake reviews that he had friends right. He was gaming the system in two ways and SORTA anybody looking at his profile. He was this great host so the the system of us doesn't doesn't really work because it's enough that you have five six seven good reviews and everybody I mean. Do you ever read them or at least a year. Read more than a couple of good reviews if you sit under a tree for five then it's okay you you feel safe. The reporters were in this mad race against time because they knew dino was still out there and dangerous and every day that he wasn't behind bars other women could be at risk but they had to gather enough information to make a bulletproof case. And that's exactly what the reporters were working on. When Maria and Miriam made a discovery that blindsided everyone one night I am sitting with medium in a coffee place in this whole subject comes to our heads so we decided to google his name and right away. We see an article from a few days ago. Selling these big story. We were shocked. Maria call to Celia right away to tell her what she found. I don't know if you've ever experienced earthquake but I live in Umbria which is a region which sometimes are quick hits when he does most times has been in the middle of night and I cannot sleep anymore and that was exactly like an art griggs for any more is like literally shake me from inside and it was middle of tonight. I think it was about between three and four in the morning says I've is completely asleep. Literally almost fell from her. That it was calling me on on what shop and I told something really bad myself happened. She's eater it's a mistake or she wants to tell me sending very important so I just picked up and she told me. Hey I have an incredible news. You're super excited as like. I have an incredible news. He's been arrested as like what? That's right dino. The COP was in police custody. That's coming up next time unverified. I'm Natasha del Toro..

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