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Fedex field where the redskins play because that's maryland right out there maryland and you know we don't dome not a dome or they could do it at giant stadium or is it giants stadium anymore medal as they can have it their brand new stay but it dog she's me thanks man anyway but they had soup boulder got lucky and they missed us not because i was still living in new york i love that that monday we got like it was like two feet of snow are they just barely missed and it was supposed to be that that sunday and it came the following day after but they missed about two feet of snow which would have ruined that's for sure but they got lucky and they got it and guess what they talk about doing it again but ten years from now supposed to be warm just like for the big ten championship we're supposed to be the nfl if you build a new stadium we have soup boater you're gonna turn that alabama did you hear that anthony over there having with his folk anyway some other things what else shape patterson's heating up there's a lot of people say that that young man jay bilas just said hey why not his town let me play let them play take shackles off you got a lot of people talking about it and a lot of people you need people were common sense that starts saying what what should be done well you know again with the this situation so many so often you know sense should should just rule out and that's that's what all these guys are saying i know you brought perp street before now you bring up jay bilas which i didn't even know that he he talked about football but hey i love it you want to give us support what he talks about is student athletes that's what he talks about his.

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