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The pressure and everything that comes with pitching in new york why should i as he hanky fan why should the yankees as an organization believe that come big games september trying to win the division dare i say tober feel good about the idea of ryan this guy in a playoff for attention you cannot and that is why they will continue to scour the market a hap hamels whoever it may be it off we head to columbus ohio good pal mac is gonna wait us off here on a foul mac what an honor jj how you been man mackel is good brow it's good to hear your voice what's happening my friend hey man i got something to say about mets yankees but at the end of at the end of the call would you give me a thirty second take on this year okay what i call them about jj i listened to hundreds of dopey calls about a mets yankee trade which i never thought what happened okay because ticket sales page and just the fact that the mets never liked to see you know a former met sixty but the yankees but here here's why i think it makes sense okay nobody needs a top line starting pitcher then the yankees jj 'cause outside of jack of opinion isn't that stan yankees going no further the next year no disrespect it out there and see see without another flight pitcher nobody has more to trade than the yankees nobody needs more than the mets that's why i think in a crazy way it makes sex listen all of that is true except for the fact that you're dealing with the dynamic of the yankee met rivalry cross town what have you any ramifications of making that sort of move now here's where we do beg to differ the keys can win a world series with this rotation now they're gonna add somebody i don't know if it's going to be the pitcher the caliber of jacob degrom they're going to add a starting pitcher and with their lineup and their bullpen and the fact that you have a choice and severino tanaka who you believe in and was great in the postseason last year sabbatical who's a warrior who will get it into that bullpen and we'll do the job over five or so winnings i think you can be all right now mac it's going to be a tough tall order i understand that houston is very very good boston is very very good the yankees come october oh absolutely have their hands full but to say that this rotation cannot win a world series i don't believe that because i saw the kansas city royals in two thousand fifteen when the world series when they had edison volk as johnny cueto your donovan ventura and chris young and the yankee rotation blows that one out of the water jj for me on record for but the one thing you're forgetting about casey they were playing them that's okay well let's i know mac i know you know like the yankees even though the yankees did not make it to game seven of the world series they came into the following year and it had this team and the sense of unfinished business right you know the idea of being one win away from getting to the world series the royals will one win away from winning the world series so i do like that aspect for this yankee group that they have a lot of october pedigree now and that experience going into whatever it may be whether it's a division series it's hopefully not a wildcard game i mean you don't want to relive that experience but they do have that moving forward now you ran you wanted to go on something for about thirty seconds so i'm gonna let you do that so go ahead no no jj let's disagree on the mets on the yankees and other top line starter i'll call you back on that one i wanted to hear your quick check on the dolphins thanks for taking my call dolphins listen i like to make fitzpatrick i really do i like the.

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