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The possibility that people could smoke the drug in places where smoking is banned. WBZ's might Crausser reports places like bars and restaurants and movie theaters even pot lounges should they be allowed would be exempt from the eleven year old state law that banned indoor smoking state Representative Kelly, Cassidy architect of the legislation told the sun times, lawmakers decided that social consumption of marijuana would be allowed but in what form like where it would be allowed would be left to each municipality. Mike Crausser NewsRadio one five point nine FM. The Kane county sheriff's office is now offering drug addicts away out. WBF's Bernie to fully explains. Kane county sheriff Ron Haines says people with drug issues, who want treatment have another way to get it. By calling texting or showing up in person to ask for help the program is called a way out in Illinois by the victim. Police department in the concept was provided non-punitive support to mostly opioid addicted population addicts who ask for help. We'll be taken by sheriff's deputy to a treatment center that has an open bed. Sheriff pains is a similar program in Lake County sees about two drug addicts month seeking to break away from their habit. Bernie foia, NewsRadio one oh five point nine. FM. Illinois's forty five billion dollar. Bill was signed into law yesterday. And governor Pritzker is pleased. He says it will benefit all Illinois on WBZ. Dave Dahl reports gambling expansion at yes, that doubling of the state gas tax helped pay for this. Let's talk about the depreciation.

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