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But luckily, it was contained and look this is the game. And it got really really intense. And there was a big Bill because what everyone made? A lot of money leading the fighters you've see anesthesia, Nevada. In the end. Nobody was hurt. Someone could have been hurt. But nobody was hurt. So I still think two hundred fifty is sent the message five hundred though seem a little excessive someone go with that one. Now, here's how it worked out. Thirty five percent said Connor fair be unfair. Thirty two percent said fair to both twenty one percent said hubby fair and Connor on fair and twelve percents on fair 'table. So it was all over the place, but I still like the balance because over fifteen hundred votes came in. So I really love how junky nation kinda put them bought into it. And it was it spread out. All right there, you have it folks. There's daily debate brought to you by the junkie radio team. We got one quick call. They got thirty seconds of their still onto we still got him gave me. Yeah. He's still there. How from Chicago. What's up, man? All we can give about forty five seconds. Brother figure. All right. Then on my picks on a big night questions about fatal man this guy ever since fought with Scott Coker strength funds and finished and five five five by affordable by knockout. And what do you think his might be? What is what a state or think about Scott Coker, a thanks for the check and the baby busters to ju chinks me my career or three it was in God's plan. I don't give a fuck. All right. I think he likes the money, man. So he knows that the dangerous sport. He put an Aspen on many people out there. Maybe now just as time because what he got to do it in his forties. And even though he's taking losses. We all love it or mainly go. We'll never forget fade million go he's still alleged. So all right folks will do more calls tomorrow. And thank you for hanging in there with us. We really appreciate the support of junky nation. Thanks to Henry Kraus. Ryan Bater jokes Beck Rawlins child to Gabby end Josh outback east handling producing duties good job goes. And Dan, I myself, I took it to another level. I was fantastic. We're out of here. We'll see all tomorrow with another addition of Emory radio go.

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