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For race apex legends goto twitch right now and get your prime gaming new. Things is basically a nod to allison wonderland. So it's very interesting thing. It's a very interesting skin. It's very unique in a way and got more colors to rates not big on colors. They made her become callers on this specific thing. So you're looking for new skin if you play a legends a lot. This is the best one deal now out of all the guest battle royale games. I like apex legends a lot also like warzone a lot not to be going pub gee i know is the grandfather at all but still not that big on it. It's not terrible game. it's just. I don't like it but moving onto cyberpunk twenty seventy seven and there is a apology video from the ceo saying. Please stop blaming developers. It's all my fault. Which i do like this type of leadership style. Lookit i'm the head. I'm the one that decided to actually launched this game. I should've actually held back on it. I didn't hold back on it and this is where we're at right now. I don't mind that. I don't think for wise. It's a terrible game now for the older generation. It is from a lot of people. I didn't get it on the. ps four. which. I have. Because i wanted to get on instead so it's terrible game on. There is some bugs on there as well just like everything else. There's bugs but it's not terrible game so no matter where you're on on this one. It's not bad. Please stop saying how terrible it is. Do not listen to the gang media because they are against it for whatever reason because it didn't go or aligned with their political beliefs because in twenty twenty one and we have to be all or nothing. You're either agreeing one hundred percent with me or you're my enemy because you agree disagree ten percent of the time which is funny because nobody actually agrees with everybody hundred percent of the time but hey consistency is not their biggest thing right.

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