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Threeyear anniversary of grants murder it's monday yesterday and as everyone remembers grant was murdered by a dhaka recipient and the monster executed grant in cold blood he was a dreamer brought here when he was fourteen i have never won said all illegal immigrants are bad but a lot of them are criminals i miss my son every single day my family has been devastated and ripped apart so let me have my say and i'll take the consequences without a wall on the southern border and extreme tightening of security arrest and deportation of illegal aliens coming across the southern border daca is an issue that can be dealt with in march or even later in the year yes stock is important but again we need to stop the flow of the importation of drugs in humans and illegal goods in criminals and pryor convicted felons that have been previously deported steve rana back joins us now as well as jessica vaughn director of policy studies at the center for immigration studies odd i don't have to venture a guess that these have been the three worst years of your life and i don't know if it gets any better uh rochon have done little owned uh you know i i just the audacity of um who are democrats especially chuck schumer to sit down at the bargaining table and and basically saying we want it all and you get nothing and then to turn around him pulled the one thing that they said okay we'll we'll compromise on it's ridiculous it's it's it i i just don't understand how they couldn't they can do this and stonewall our president at every turn you know we've talking about civil rights the civil rights uh what is this and civil rights uh problem of the century well you know great was constitutionally guaranteed the right to freedom and happiness and kirk you know the pursuit of happiness well where's my son's rates they were violated his sons doing everything right is working is twenty one years old these and a convenience store is advancing in his life and over a pack of cigarettes a guy that had held the woman hostage for a week and put in jail hunter i forget how many years he gets released only to go out and then over a pakistan cigarettes kill your son.

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