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And asked what he sees. Do you see anything anywhere in any of the claims that could overturn this election? No, I do not also will explain the medical lingo behind Kobe 19 tests and tell you which one might work best for different situations. So if you want to be a sensitive as possible, then you want to do a PCR test. If you have somebody with symptoms really quick results than in an urgent test is a reasonable approach and emergency room doctor Lena Wen on President elect Biden's Four on the virus plan coming up here and now the news is first. Lie from NPR news. I'm Laxmi saying President elect Joe Biden is forging ahead with his transition with or without President Trump's help. A short time ago, The Democrat address a major fight over the survival of the Affordable Care act being waged before the conservative leaning U. S. Supreme Court. He says. It's the latest in a Siri's of GOP attempts to have Obamacare struck down twice. Already, the Supreme Court has upheld the landmark law. In 2012 and again in 2015. The Congress, expressing the popular will of the American people on a bipartisan basis, has rejected numerous attempts. Numerous efforts by President Trump to race the law as well. When asked what message he had for Trump. Biden said he looked forward to speaking with the incumbent. He says he thinks it is quote an embarrassment that Trump has not yet conceded the race. But the president says he believes that he is the victim of widespread fraud, though there's been No evidence of that. NPR's Tamara Keith says Trump's legal challenges still have the support of Republican allies in Congress, Republicans in Congress seemed to be indulging President Trump's search for fraud, allowing him to try to exhaust all of his legal options. I mean, potentially, it could go until the election is certified, but that It seems somewhat unlikely. And in addition to Republicans in Congress, though, who mostly haven't congratulated President elect Biden, you now have world leaders who are allies of President Trump you have Boris Johnson tweeting out that he just spoke to and congratulated Joe Biden on his election. NPR's Tamara Keith reporting over shadowing the disputed presidential election. The Corona virus pandemic, the nation's top infectious disease expert, continues to weigh in on Pfizer's breakthrough on the vaccine for Corona virus. NPR's Windsor Johnson. Reports of pharmaceutical giant on Monday announced that its experimental vaccine appears to be more than 90% effective in preventing Corona virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci says he's still reviewing the data from clinical trials but has confidence and Pfizer and the Food and Drug Administration Speaking on MSNBC felt he was asked about whether he would take the new vaccine. These are colleagues of mine for decades. The career scientist if they look at this data, and they say this data is solid, Let's go ahead and approve it. I promise you, I will take the vaccine and I will recommend that my family take the vaccine vaccine could be available to certain people by thie end of the year if it's approved by the FDA. A widespread rollout is not expected until sometime next spring. Windsor Johnston NPR news New Corona virus cases per day have topped 100,000. The Dow is up 246 points. You're listening to NPR news. Live from the news on Paul Land Core President elect Joe Biden's new Corona Virus Advisory board includes three faculty members at UC San Francisco Doctors David Kessler, Eric Goolsbee and Robert Rodriguez. All professors at the school will serve on the 13 member board. The group is set to advise Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris as they transition into the White House. Kessler served as FDA commissioner under two previous administrations. Cosby worked on AIDS policy for two presidents. Rodriguez works at San Francisco general and Highland Hospitals. Despite a months long statewide campaign to get more public school students, they're required vaccinations. Thousands are still behind Edie's Julia McAvoy reports. State law requires proof that students are immunized in order to attend school. Even remotely West Contra cost a unified superintendent Matthew Duffy estimates at least 600 students in his district are still missing their shots. You have some kids and families were trying to figure that out with them, because it's just harder to get the doctor's the California immunization coalitions. Catherine Flores Martin Says some schools are reluctant to follow the law and stop students from attending during this time of covert upheaval. I think the schools are easy with adding more of a burden on the families to make them go get their shots before they can continue their work at school, Flores Martin says. The hope is that as more schools reopened for hybrid learning on campus There may be a way for students to catch up with on site vaccinations there. I'm Julia Mack of Way. Cootie news..

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