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Fight is attrition. Dina? Fight for life. Don't let your dog it scratch stink or shed like crazy come tonight for help eight five nine four two eight one thousand eight five nine four eight one thousand D, I N O V. I T E dot com show present Steven Curtis Chapman. I remember. Solo. A night of hits history and influences I can hear a song on the radio, and I'm back in my seventy-one Camaro. It's just crazy. How music can do that. And I think that's one of the reasons God Davidson's into Saturday night March. Second in Atlanta at center stage theatre tickets and more information are available now, Steven Curtis, Chapman dot com and awakening event from the awakening foundation those serving in our military there the difference makers separated from family enduring hardships far from home sacrificing for their country. Well, for those of us who support our armed forces through the USO, we get to make a difference to through the USO. We get to be the force behind the forces connecting them to every comfort of family, home and country possible. It's a good feeling to make a difference. Visit USO dot org slash forced to learn. How you can be the force behind the forces. We're their day one with baby names and a gift that last a lifetime. We are there as you grow protecting you and those you love, and we are there as you start your next chapter. We are with you through life's journey. We are social security securing today and tomorrow. Get to know us at social security dot gov. Produce that US tax payer expense visible at night, whether the live from the outlet online dot com studios in Buckhead. It's thirty four degrees next on ninety. It's best docs now with Bill a prerecorded program. Furnished by gutters in capital management. We're visit of ninety always right.

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