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Was then shot and killed by billy an october fifth eighteen seventy eight. Us marshal. John sherman informed newly appointed territorial governor and former union army general lew wallace that he held warrants for several men including william h intrum. Which of course is billy. The kid Elliot's william h bonney But was unable to execute them owing to the disturbed condition of affairs in that county resulting from the acts of a desperate class of men so wallace issued an amnesty proclamation on november thirteenth eighteen sixty eight which pardoned anyone involved in the lincoln county war since tunstall's murder it specifically excluded though persons. Who had been convicted of or indicted for a crime and therefore excluded billy. Yeah this was crazy. I mean it's just like this like weird little turf war in this town say little. That's not good. But i can see why they were just kind of like all right all right all right all right. All right like yeah. People were passionate. Whatever so we'll let it go but But billie somehow hot in this whole thing so on february eighteenth eighteenth seventy nine billion his friend. Tom overpowered were in lincoln and watched. As attorney huston chapman was shot and his corpse was set on fire and according to eyewitnesses. The pair were innocent. Bystanders forest at gunpoint. By jesse evans to witness the murder billy wrote to governor wallace on march thirteenth. Seventy nine with an offer to provide information on the chapman murder in exchange for his amnesty on march fifteenth governor wallace replied agreeing to a secret meeting to discuss the situation. Billy met with wallace in lincoln on march seventeenth. Eighteen seventy nine. Wallace promised billy protection from his enemies and clemency if he would offer his testimony to a grand jury and on march twentieth wallace wrote to billy to remove all suspicion of understanding. I think it better to put the arresting party in charge of sheriff kimbrel. Who shall be instructed to see that. No violence is used. Billy responded on the same day agreeing to testify and confirming wallace's proposal for his arrest and detention in a local jail to assure his safety on march twenty. First billy let himself be captured by a posse led by sheriff. George kimble of lincoln county as agreed billy provided a statement about chapman's murder and testified in court. However after billy's testimony the district attorney refused to set him free still in custody. Several weeks later. Billy began to suspect wallace had betrayed him and would never grant his amnesty. Billy of course escaped from lincoln county jail on june seventeenth. Eighteen seventy nine. Billy did a good job keeping a low profile until january tenth. Eighteen seventy nine. This is one of my favorite stories When he shot and killed jo- grant who was a newcomer to the area. Billy had received word that grant was going to try and kill him. So billy came upon grant at hargrove's saloon and told him that he admired his pistol so he asked if he could see it he noticed that it only had three rounds in the pistol in position. To where the next time the hammer was pulled it would be an empty chamber. As suspected grant then pointed his pistol at billy when he pulled the trigger. Nothing happened and billy was able to shoot grant in the head. Wow yeah On november second eighteen eighty garrett was elected sheriff of lincoln. County pat garrett. Yes you've heard that name just like billy. Garrett was an outlaws well although garrett was only responsible for killing one man in texas that is Even though he surrendered to the authorities and was never prosecuted One of the things that pack That other sheriffs of lincoln county didn't do that made him like a much. Bigger threat to billy was that he obtained a deputy. Us marshall commission. Which allowed him to go after. Billy anywhere in the us. So he wasn't just sheriff of this town. He was able to go anywhere and go after. I remember this from our body and clyde episode where there was like a big part of why they couldn't catch them as like people couldn't necessarily go between cities or states. Are you still can't well right unless you have unless marshals. Yeah yeah so that makes sense. And december nineteenth nineteen eighty billy. The kid charlie baudry tom. Pickett billy wilson and tom affiliated road into fort sumner in weight were deputy garrett and his posse mistaking failure for the kid. Garrett's men opened fire and killed affiliate billy and the others escaped unharmed in three days later. Garrett's posse cornered billy and his companions at a spot called the stinking springs. I'm they killed one man and captured the other on april fifteenth. Eighteen eighty. one billy. The kid was sentenced to hang by judge warren bristol but guess what but he escaped again but this time he killed two deputies in the process and july fourteenth eighteen eighty one garrett visited fort sumner to question a friend of the kids whereabouts in learned that he was staying with a mutual friend. Pedro menard pete maxwell. There's so many of these people with four names in this In around midnight garrett went to maxwell's house. The kid was asleep in another part of the house which surprises me that he was asleep at midnight. Right i mean. He seemed like a partier well at this point safe but he woke up in the middle of the night and entered maxwell's bedroom where garrett was standing in the shadows. The kidney net recognized the man standing in the dark. he asked him repeatedly ken. S who is it in garrett replied by shooting at him twice the first shot hit the kid in the chest just above the heart while the second missed garrett's account leaves it unclear whether billy was killed instantly or took some time to die a few hours after the shooting. Local justice of the peace assembled a coroner's jury of six people the jury members interviewed maxwell and garrett and billy's body and the location of the shooting were examined. The jury certified the body as billy's and according to a local newspaper the jury forman said it was the kids body that we examined billy was given awake by candlelight and he was buried the next day and his grave was denoted with wooden marker now since the time of his death. There's been a growing amount of people that believe that gerrit which was actually billy's friend. I mean yeah didn't actually kill him. They felt that he didn't kill him. They believed it was staged so that he could collect that reward money placed on. Billy's had an number of men have claimed to be billy the kid up until fifty years after.

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