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Program with a close up look at what happens in the event that a president has temporarily or permanently unable to fulfill his or her duties. A conversation that takes on significant since President Trump was diagnosed with Kobe 19. And for that we're gonna bring in our Bloomberg Washington bureau chief, Craig Gordon. Craig, first off what happens what is what is the Constitution's say about a situation like this. And in terms of historical president? What can we learn from that? Sure. I mean, there is something in the Constitution, the 25th amendment that allows for sort of a transition of power from the president, the vice president. Interestingly enough, it's often used for very routine medical procedures. I think Jersey George W. Bush handed Power over to Dick Cheney for a couple hours of the time honored during a couple colonoscopies, things like that. So those were obviously just routine things, but you know there is there needs to be a leader of the country. If the president is incapacitated in some way, usually it's it's again pretty pro forma. Saying This case obviously would be a much more serious situation where if Trump were unable to perform his duties, Essentially, it's a fairly automatic process. It sort of just goes over to The vice president, of course, that Mike Pence. Trump would probably have to sign a letter and there are different legalisms that would come into play. But you know the Constitution does provide for you know what is hoped to be a very sort of routine transfer of power, even in a very extreme. Situation like the one we're in right now, where the president's been, you know, testifies for carnivorous now what defines incapacitated or however, it's defined in the Constitution or elsewhere. Yeah. I mean, it's pretty plain language. When you look at the amendment is sort of cannot, you know, cannot discharge his duties. I think it probably does. His duties could got his her on. But I don't think it has too awful much more than that. I think there has been a little bit of different presidents have chosen to define that in different ways. But I think that it's pretty much a plain English reading it. If the guy said by the Resolute desk can't you can't do the job? Well, that's why we have a vice president and that person can step in. So I again in most situations. This is all very sort of routine. The president doesn't voluntarily. Service in the movies. Different times. You know, that kind of comes into place. Interesting power from the president. You know, it's meant to be just like, okay. I can't do this. You take take the wheel for a little while. The intent obviously it will come back to the president. When when you know they do go back to being able to do the job. So, you know, they say the Constitution is built for all kinds of scenarios. It's meant to make it just a kind of a seamless situation. So there's never even a nanosecond where there's no one who's literally the commander in chief of the armed forces. Things like that. Andi would fully anticipate if it came to that. That's what happened this time, too. Yeah, and we should point out to listeners. This may sound very premature, but we do have to discuss these options in the eventuality if it does come to pass, But we're certainly not at that point just yet, Craig in terms of this White House and the communications Is there a good deal of transparency? And can you just go back a few days and tell us how this all transpired and in terms of transparency? Whatthe White House did tell you guys Yeah, And then you know here, I'll just state the facts and you're you're our listeners can decide. You know, we have now learned to the terrific reporting of our White House. One of our senior reporters there, Jennifer Jacobs that Donald Trump was told About his aide of Hope X is one of his very close sort of personal aides being tested positive. On Thursday morning. The White House never released that information reveal that information. Share that with the press or the media, even a lot of people inside the White House for kept in the dark about that, and this is again a person in whole picks who had traveled with Donald Trump to the debate and travelled on his trip to the rally in Minnesota. She has been a lot of time around. Donald Trump, in fact, trumps on the Hannity program on Fox News that you know, he even said himself. I guess I've spent a lot of time with hope picks on and I have over the past, you know. Few days, so it wasn't like a close call, And that sounds like you know, they even Trump admitted they had spent a lot of time in each other's company, which is pretty much sort of the CDC definition of contact or when you have to start taking it seriously about covert, so no, no revelation of that. And, you know, speaking candidly, the White House on Lee Kind of came clean. About a one Jennifer Jacobs again are terrific Reporter broke the story that home picks and tested positive. So I can't tell you when they were playing to release it. Or if they're playing to release. I don't know about that. I just know that they didn't Even though it was pretty well known for solidly all day, Thursday and Wednesday night. Hope folks tell Hill. I think there was a great suspicion she had contracted corner virus. Can I be confident A cz, a US citizen, that going forward? I'm going to get the latest and most accurate and best information and complete transparency from The doctors, the president's doctors and the White House. I do think we're moving into a different phase. The president Stasis testifies for corner virus 2000 people have died for coronavirus in this country. Is a very, very serious disease and illness and problem and I think it's that point You would have kind of again the machinery of government with sort of takeover, it stops being individual decisions. By one man. Even if that man is the president, United States There are processes there our system to have the transfer of power and such. And I do feel like now that the you know, said the cat is out of the bag. I do feel like the information would come a little more freely and find out what's Congress. Congress is role in all this. That's interesting. There are some provisions in the 25th amendment, where the Congress has to get involved. If there's a permanent transfer, and you know who becomes the president, vice president things like that. I think we're a little ways down the road on that, Craig thanks very much for your time. Appreciate it. Bloomberg Washington bureau chief Craig Gordon and just ahead on Bloomberg Daybreak week at the possible storm brewing in British.

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