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Situation is, you could make it good. This is a job to you. No. Right now, nothing is a joking. Make one little mistake. Eventually, cracks a beer. I'm not believing it. I was 20 years old. And to be fair, hardy is great. I mean, this, this acting challenge of essentially carrying the entire movie, he can do it. He does carry one through it, even if not much else, is working for you, but this is so funny, I've got my tears here in my list, my rank list, and I'm crossing out your picks as we go. In my two out of four star tier, all bunched up together, I have three picks. While we're young, spring breakers lock all the row there, so yes, you should enjoy those at your film festival. Well, we're actually in a similar position, Josh, in that you have, I'd say at least half your choices are probably in the 15 to 25, a 24 range for me. So we have some crossover at the top. And I like all of the movies. Well, I'm not a big fan of the witch, but every other film on your list, I gave a positive review to. There's just so many good a 24 films to choose from that you can have them much lower. That's what we should have. I mean, really the reason we're doing this is the incredible run that have had over these ten years. When you take this list as a whole and you can see my three and a half out of four stars tier is just gigantic. It's packed packed with titles. So a huge, huge, impressive output for them. Those are our favorite a 24 films and that does conclude our a 24 movie draft looking back on ten years of their releases Josh. Do you have any others you would like to honorably mention ones that just missed the cut? Maybe you're even a little bit surprised about as you were coming into the draft. You thought maybe they'd have a shot and you found them just on the outside. I mean, I could mention I'm looking at my rankings here and the ones you grab that I would have grabbed. We've sort of covered but ex Machina moonlight first cow Uncut Gems. And yeah, under the skin was pretty high for me. Neither of us took high life. The Claire Denis, Robert Pattinson, sci-fi, existential drama. I thought about it a couple of times as we were talking here. I mentioned I do like eggers the lighthouse. Ari aster, I would have gone with hereditary if I was going to choose one of his. How about the tragedy of Macbeth? I had forgotten that was an a 24 film, but I'm quite high on that. And then real quick, a couple others here. The last black man in San Francisco, lamb, I do like Alex Garland's men as well. And the rover. Oh, I thought about the rover Adam. I wish you would pick the rover. Securing me the victory, Josh, in this little escapade. Less black man in San Francisco, a golden brick winner here on the show was definitely one I thought a lot about the movie with green in the title. I referenced earlier. I would have gone with green room from Jeremy sonie, ahead of The Green Knight, a movie. I also like quite a bit. I think another unconventional horror film and that it's not even remotely scary, but has elements of a horror film that would be David Lowry's a ghost story. The movie, I believe we were both big fans of and the other movie I will say here that I did strongly consider for my top ten. That you never see getting much love when it comes to a 24 appreciations. And if I watched it again, who knows, I might find that I had a different reaction to it. I have a feeling I would just love it even more. It's a most violent year. Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac as a married couple in that film JC chandor, the director who also did margin call. I'm an outlier, or this film is an outlier, as I said when it comes to people praising a 24 films and I'm not sure why that's the case. Have you seen it? No, I missed that one. So not on my rankings, unfortunately. Once again, those are our favorite a 24 films we would love to hear your picks or any other

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