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Is opinions and beliefs expressed in this show were those of a MME West financial and do not necessarily reflect those of the staff management or ownership of Kosovo are cumulus media or other partners. The show's producer takes full responsibility for this is talk radio 5 60. Chaos of O San Francisco is going to protect people with preexisting conditions. But the fact is, he's already fighting to take those protections away as we speak. He has his way more than 100 million people with preexisting conditions like asthma, diabetes and cancer. Would once again be denied coverage. Biden says Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrett already has a track record of decisions against upholding the affordable care act. The nomination process begins and hearings on President Trump's nominee Amy Barrett, are expected to begin October 12th President Trump spoke about it on Fox and friends. It's been done many times before. This way, You know, Election year? No, I think we're gonna have it done easily before the election, I think would be nice to do get it out of the way. It's so important infestation. I think it's important. We were going to try to have it done. Quickly and before the election. Meantime, President Trump and Joe Biden are getting ready for their first debate on Tuesday. Police video taken after the shooting of Briana Taylor in Louisville, is prompting more questions about the investigation. Vice News released less than two minutes of this footage, but in one clip, it appears to show now former L. MPD detective Brett Hankinson inside Taylor's apartment, which was an active crime scene, and this is against Louisville Police Department policy. Now SWAT team. Embers asked Himto leave until the public integrity unit arrived on the scene. Faxes right, Dennis Brianna Taylor's family is calling for all of the footage to be released. America is listening to Fox News. Now checking KSFO Traffic. The grill glass fire burning near ST Halina and Calistoga has Silverado Trail Road closed between Lark Meet Road and Deer Park Road. In South San Francisco. 11 North bound before Sierra Point Parkway. Akara CHP is blocking the right lane due to a car that went down an embankment stopped traffic back to Bayshore Boulevard. In Redwood City. Large amount of debris in the right lane of one of oneself bound before Whipple Avenue, a sig alert in San Jose Alum Rock Avenue off ramp from North bound 60 80. That ramp is closed due to a serious accident on city streets nearby. And a high wind advisory is in effect right now on the San Mateo Bridge with chaos fo traffic on Mel Baker. The following show is paid for by peak Financial Freedom Group LLC. The view's opinions and beliefs expressed or those of peak Financial Freedom Group LLC and don't necessarily reflect those of the staff management ownership of KGO ksfo, cumulus media or other partners. The following program is a paid promotion sponsored by Peak Financial Freedom Group. Welcome to Peak Financial Freedom, Our With Jim Files and Dan Amit Peak Financial Freedom Group..

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