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Chance on marlin macrey here who andrew luxury be back he should be the starter and i always pick up the backup later in the draft as an insurance policy so take marla mac there my starting running backs me carry on johnson marla mac definitely definitely questionable but i think the plus side though with that is very similar to strategy i had last year with the new england patriots we kinda live gillislee but we didn't really know and and he said well you know what you just draft all three of them because you're a good offense they're going to point you don't know who it is but the draft capital is pretty cheap so yeah you get marlin mac the thing indy is i'm going to be preaching a lot this this off season this preseason is they have frank reich he's from philly they're gonna use all their backs just like philly but can you get marla mac and john wilkens for like six and thirteenth fourteenth i don't know that's not too bad you get the backfield to a good offense i get behind that six round for a potential starting running back with upside could do worse so six round brady wilson just went carson wentz new invest billable so way too many quarterbacks from my like way too many tevin coleman on the board who's obviously a good handcuff but i think this is going to be fairly easy this is a player that seth anaya going to have trouble keeping our pants this year he has going to hear us talk about them a lot mr robert woods out in la this is this is one that you just copy me on robert woods he's he's always been my guy had him on my teams last year and i you know we talk about football too much talk about fantasy too much together that you you know you tend to just copy my players and now you like robber woods i can't even see like your robin roberts me and mock drafts now kelly manager what's going to happen in the season rolls around the sea now now he's my player 'cause i'm now one actually taking him you know you took marlin makhovi him so also auctions we're gonna we're gonna bidding into everybody else at least what why did they both want robert woods maybe i should be getting it on the action appear garso's upright now back on the clock how rudolph went corey davis who i had on my watch list will fuller which i had no interest in it i can't wait to break down some of these players that i just had zero z e r o as jon gruden would say but you know what i think here tevin coleman or pear garson i think we'll take seven coleman because only he and rb to by himself i then i mean i could start him and handcuff them i'm guaranteed you know the star running back from atlanta i like that imperial's on goes to pick right afterwards now we're in the middle of the seventh round set your your lining up some picks you've got about every you got two running backs two receivers into tied you're pretty much flexible you can kind of go in any direction when do you start looking at qb's we're still we're still way too early because there's still too many i love cousins garoppolo staffer ryan goff rivers you know i love the river's big bend andrew luck mahomes so i got plenty of wide receivers i mean plenty quarterbacks to choose from les need to take one here i honestly right here i'm gonna go running back because i don't have to sure things like you do i got to kind of go by committee take a few stabs at it and hope i nail couple of these so i've carl's hide he's in cleveland they do have nick chub and do johnson so menace probably stay from crawls hide here but there's aaron jones in in green bay i'm gonna keep an eye on him and rawal jones now i'm gonna i'm gonna take aaron jones here hoping that raul jones falls to me on the turn because he's ranked lower so hopefully he'll falls me on the way back down i'm gonna take aaron jones and hopefully i nail the green bay running back i mean last year six carries of twenty plus yard yards jamal williams in time on gumri combined for only two so he's going.

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