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Going to figure things out. You can't just assume people are gonna be smart 'cause they're dumb dumbs and Nicole Wallace conservative down the line. No liberal bones in her body. Let me ask you. I mean, you know, more about that Trump women than anyone they just the most stoic human beings. Are they nam or the dead inside? They paid off. I mean, what's their deal? Yes. Yes. And yes. Yes. All dead inside the Trump women. No, these are hard line conservative types. Right. The president can kill anybody. He wants the president talked about shooting people on Fifth Avenue. I mean, this is ingesting data president could could beat up a first lady and not be indicted for that could sexually abused or children and not be indicted for that could do the most heinous of things and never been dying. I mean, what is your job? Our job is to get the facts, we crave the truth. We value the truth, you crave for the truth. Like, I crave for a veggie burger a black bean veggie burger, you guys wouldn't know what to do with the truth his organizations need to hold tight. Hold onto the truth and stick to the facts hold onto the truth and stick to the facts, and this is the same show where Donnie douche also this past year dropped this one. We're going to have a country that really really is that civil war for the first time. Now guys, we've never had a civil war, and we could have one for the very first time. Wouldn't that be thing if we had a civil war? War in America. That would just be crazy. Don't see that on the air. What are you doing? Oh, three Joe and make it did get married to this year. So it's somewhat makes that bless gross kind of not really the context of that. I'd almost want to give it he tried to hold her hand. Now, if we broaden it out from Joe and Mika there's plenty of other complete lunatics who work at MSNBC going back towards the beginning of the year. There was this clip that I really like Stephanie rule an alley Vel sheet, you know, Chelsea Belgian he's the Baldy with the glasses and these a little weird up and they were talking about Trump arriving at Davos for a big diplomatic whatnot. And they were talking about how he was greeted when he entered the room and Allie Vel, she I guess took it a little too far and had to back back a little because he told the truth. But you saw what happened when the president came in? You know, people had their phones they were taking pictures at a rock concert. Frankly now that is not to say that it was a warm welcome. It was to say it was like a rock star. Welcome in that while everybody wanted to see Donald Trump. It was a warm Okamoto's rockstar. Welcome a warm, welcome. You know, how these Rockstars are often welcomed in a very cold emotionless way, except everyone wants to see them and pushes people out of the way to meet them. You know, like Rockstars do and Stephanie rule got a little hung up on rockstar thing. We should point out. It may be a rockstar caliber reception. There's a rockstar as president no leather pants, shredding t shirt. He's still in his classic statement. Blue today, not a red wine. That's right. The to Dallas. I don't think anyone's imagining the president coming to Davos and leather except for seventy rule because that's weird. I'm just saying like to her rockstar equals leather pants. I get that connective tissue. But she really got stuck on. She is I think daily picturing, Donald Trump and leather pants. Just saying and another alley bell. She here with Adam Schiff, Adam shiftless, Chris Plante, calls them the mural familiar with his many deeds, and they were talking about. Well, let's let me play this first and see if you can guess like it's one of these everyone will remember where they were when Trump destroyed the country be one of those days where all Americans are gonna remember exactly where they were when they heard that press conference taking place congressman Adam Schiff, thanks for making the time. I think you're right. I think Americans.

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