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Verizon abc's mark remillard president's national security adviser john bolton expected in moscow today for talks that could lay the groundwork for a summit between the president and vladimir putin the senate judiciary committee will go behind closed doors today to question the fbi agent peter struck involved in the russia investigation you're listening to abc news radio time is four zero to be jerk polls against walker stapleton in the two thousand eighteen colorado governor's race both candidates accepted their party's nominations last night police says walker stapleton starkly different from him on almost every question before us this election for whether or not healthcare is a human right to whether immigrant children deserve human decency and human rights to even the basic question about whether or not honesty is important republican walker stapleton also looking forward to the general election in november as your governor i will tackle our healthcare problems with common sense solutions not more government in higher taxes stapleton got forty eight percent of the republican vote victor mitchell came in second with thirty percent followed by greg lopez in doug robinson police got forty four percent of the democratic vote to carry kennedy's twenty four and mike johnston twentythree percent meantime it looks like democrat phil wiser will running against republican george brock learn the state attorney general seat wiser is ahead of his democratic ponant joe salazar broccoli says wiser did run an impressive campaign bill has proven himself to be a prolific fundraiser he has raised more money out of the state of colorado than any candidate history of our state in fact three times the amount of the total campaign joe salazar but he has no experience wiser has fifty one percent of the vote so far to sell as ours forty eight percent of that race has not been called and it's all about ad money political analyst eric sonderman said cash made a difference in the colorado primary the common denominator a policeman women my mind until widens win with money and td solomon says even with all the campaigning done on social media ad money still wins elections and the rockies dropped the opener san francisco last night three to two they'll be back at it again tonight seven thirty pregame eight fifteen first pitch our next update four thirty i'm chad hoffman on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm from the best fiends traffic center construction in lane closes.

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