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Oh, it is video Get always today. The anniversary of this being the first video played on MTV. Ah, See, there you go. Would be the relevance of the song. No, That's just the only reason why this song is relevant at all. Okay. I don't like today's University. By the way, I just said that about Chris Godwin. Bruce Arians is they were celebrating. I just saw this tweet 40 minutes ago, said your blank ain't going nowhere either to Chris Godwin. So no, it's nice to say that it's another thing when agents and And cat. People get together and say Watership. Yeah, I don't like we want. We want you for eight. He's like I could get 14 somewhere else. So it's hold on. I think this is the time Brady of not this is truly Time Brady effect. Look, man stick here, Play here in Tampa Bay. Take a little less money. Don't pay state taxes, Stay here and let's go win two more Super Bowls. Listen, man, this is this is to me. This is the ultimate sales pitch that's going on in NFL. I've seen it work. I mean, we did it with the Denver Broncos. We did with my teams. We did it with Ah, Peyton's teams man when you have that guy, and he's been given the juice like Tom Brady has been given the juice there in Tampa Bay. To call the right place to get into the right place to work with the coaching staff man. That's the right situation, bro. I mean, that is one. That's the one situation. That Patrick Mahomes will get to later down the line that he doesn't have right now about every person that kind of touchdown pass to the Super Bowl. Wasn't on the team until Tom Brady got there, right, and Tom Brady was the advocate form. Mike Evans was my Kevin's gonna make $12.2 million next year. Chris Godwin's made $3 million in four years, so I don't know what that number is. I'm not saying you're wrong. But this isn't the MBA. And I think about Draymond Green when he signed his big deal, and it wasn't a Max deal, and when he was asked, why didn't you ask for more money? You said Look. I am making whatever Still $100 million he goes, That's not going to change anything in my life. I'm still gonna live in a very nice house in the same block and do the same things I was doing, but that gives us extra money to go out and get more guys and then, by the way, they signed Kevin Durant shortly thereafter and that will help us one more championships That will change my life. But very much perspective is a little different because NBA money is different than NFL money When Chris Godwin Only three at $3.8 million he's made in four years. It's gonna be tough for him The have his agent look across the table. Jason lighter virtually and said, Hey, we want it back, but we couldn't do three years. 24 1, another team of fame. Five years. 90 or whatever. After Mark Cooper got 100 million in over five years last year from the Cowboys. I know the economics gonna be different, but Chris Godwin's one of the top two or three players on the market right now as a true free agent. Okay. Obviously AJ Bouvier got released today and you did talk to us about that in in early December that you thought that that was the plan so that that's the first move that George Payton has done as the new general manager of the Broncos. How fast and furious now do these moves continue to go forward. Well, I think the next move that makes the most sense is the other one that I told you guys about it, and that's General Casey. The differences there is that drill. Casey is still injured and going through rehab, so if they were toe Release, and now they have to come with an injury settlement and pay him some portion of the almost $12 million that he's getting, and that's about how much we're gonna clear with boy 12 million. It'll come off the cap that taken cough the payroll that they can use other places where guys like Justine Simons and von Miller, perhaps her or shall be Harris. So I think Casey is next and then I'm guessing the conversations after that. Are likely with either well John James Stevie's Gonna Stay room. He's going to stay opting out and maybe retire. We're gonna assume he's not because I was saving a bunch of money, but it's perhaps some sort of restructuring with Kareem Jackson. It's a team option for $12.8 million. So for a guy that's now well into his thirties. He's what 31 32. I'm double checking right now. He's 32. He'll be 33 by the time the year Stars is birthday's next month. What does AH Multiyear deal look like if if one and all for cream, but I think it's Casey. First, I think, Scream and then a name that I brought up when we had that conversation about boy Rice. Callahan's got one year left at 8.5 million. And while we know how good he's been when he's on the field, the biggest issue is that he hasn't been on the field a lot. So do you just continue to go young or do you pay in that final year? Here? You don't the restructure, but I think those were the three names. That you're talking about that you might let go or might rework. And then von Miller's a separate conversation and Justine Simons new contract is also a different conversation. But those air in order and so there's a long answer your question. I think I think Casey's up next very likely, but he has to be healthy first for them to then release it. Wow. You make it sound like it's justice Simmons deal is is gonna happen and that this is just a matter of time. It feels inevitable because in George Payton can say whatever he wants, but in multiple interviews and getting the sense talking to people in that building. Vic really wants that. We know how how much his defense relies on good secondary play. Good safety play, especially And you're thinking said. We're not in the habit of getting rid of our our own young players are good young players, and that's who Justin is. And then Justin had a sit down interview with Channel four last week, where he told Michael Spencer that he went over and was at the facility and met George and didn't talk about football once just kind of got to know him, and and I think, sometimes the little things like that. Can help. Uh, what could be a contentious negotiation on? That would be that contentious because the guy that's negotiating for the Broncos was Justine Simmons agent firm for the last four years until the Broncos hired him last year, So I think that it will get done to question of what is that number look like because of these economics and maybe the bonuses higher, But the per year is less or whatever accounts this year is, you know, spread out. I just think it feels like A Z Muchas any move that they're going to make this offseason re signing Justine Simmons feels the one that if I were going to place a bet on draftkings or bet rivers or any other happy wanted to use, I would bet Justine Simons is back and he's the highest paid stake in football. That to me. That just makes no sense. I'm just gonna be Honest with you. You're gonna play..

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