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The gist of and they wouldn't be right on the and you'd see them just go over with the script ago dini to look at him very polite to and i would just get a cab is it okay to come the fireworks getting the big now you'd trouble buddy will to your to your plan i think i've heard people say i don't remember where this i you know shirts not like one person's idea but they say tv is the writers medium where they're essentially in charge film director and i guess theater is where there's really over those kinda interesting so you brought up multicap versus single cam and i wanna ask maybe if we can just list that's one of several major stations between these two shows that you spent the most time in your career apart of so friends multi camera which also means live audience episode single camera no audience i really love multicar the new show the plan for soobee houses back to multi camera again is that where you're more you feel more on their well you town story chronologically single shoot completely out of order and it's at its whatever serves the production schedule the best if you have a nation of his interesting that these two scenes take place in that restaurant but there's multiple days between story wise multiple days between those two scenes like it's the beginning in the end of the whatever the piece you're gonna shoot those two scenes the same day and you might shoot the last one i before the first one just however it facilitate whatever's economically the most effective for production but with a live audience you can't do that because they won't they won't be able to fall story so you have to tell it in chronological order and with a live audience you can tell jokes funny because if you say the punchline and they don't laugh is probably not fucking fun right and you really feed as the actor off of the audience and the writers are all there and they're watching they didn't laugh that joke does not let's let's in second take you can guarantee that that jokes not gonna be there's gonna be something new right and you kind of try to look at spots where i'm not sure about this show it's been good during the week but i don't know if i have a lot of faith in it so i try to cars the rise let's have couple of backup jokes i like the area the neighborhood that the jokes in if it's just right yet and yeah we feel the same way so let's let's write some backup jokes dan which is plug went in yeah and you can do that then to come back to the number of in with fringe guys again somewhere in the navy teens twenty four season here with you can do maybe six seven sometimes for season with seven second third fourth season were nine nash and the fifth and final season was seven again but there was because you know the very interesting way usually whether show you have you have head writer and you have a writing staff with episodes david jaffe wrote there was no writing staff they wrote every word of every episode and they wrote the whole season in advance before we started shooting so we shot the entire season like a film i'd walk around with seven episodes in a binder you know on any given day shooting where it's a scene from episode seven and it's a scene from three that it's a scene from four and then it's two scenes from five and that'd be any given us all over the place just like i said before to facilitate being economical with the budget and it was tricky to keep your place but they wrote it all they were onset everyday they were right there they were all over it and if you were ever lost you go to them and they tell you exactly we were well when you're looking at a twenty four versus sex potentially do you think that it's easier to sustain quality over six hundred is over twenty four like do you feel like there's something gained by aside from probably having a nicer schedule for the actor that's an interesting question well the schedules different when you doing single camera work and twelve fourteen sixteen hour days when you do multimedia have one long day and that's friday show night but you don't go until noon and you out at new in the evening does long as takes but mondays table read may go home that's an hour tuesday's were hersal dasm throwing four four hour day wednesday for five hour day thursday eight hour day tech day.

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