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So last night dropped her new album smile and she has a single out there called daisy, which is also the name author daughter this is not a fake baby. There's no conspiracies. Had A baby, her name's as A. Terrific timing that I will admit that what do you think about all this cory what do you think about raising the kid in England? What to you think about the nightmare? Oh what the name is amazing. I mean kid can never just be a normal kid I mean, what are you going to do with named that you can't become an accountant right? Hollywood star herself but I think it's great. They're going to be an England I. Mean it's a wonderful country and she'll have that lovely accent as she grows up. I. Think is a great idea. Thank you I agree. I'm absolutely convinced in Britain on just another brick hair Mary. poppins your. Success in a linear I speak, but you've got to, you've just got to the wrong country if you. would. In they love Ericans, they would if you enter Britain. All. My. American. Friends Brinson. Oh, they love it. They think you'll. Brad Pitt. This brings us to our poll question of the day taste. Pellet Perry, and Orlando plan to raise the baby in England. which you let your children to have an English accent look around Your House look at your beautiful children maybe they've left home but look at them. which is like if they spoke like rob. I probably a bad example let's say Kate winslet or one of the Britain's rents would you like it go vote at our twitter page I`ts not nice. Robber facebook page not gossip common there I'm sure to check back on our next shower to hear your results what have you been working on corey well, the Bachelorette is apparently back the bachelorette poster features Clare Crawley's however, and some people are going like what they're scratching their head because. Okay. So the new season it's kind of weird. Bill. That's Clare Crawley's season on the show social media pages however,.

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