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Talk about Hillsdale college a lot about its rigorous classical liberal arts curriculum and it's exceptionally bright and patriotic students one hundred and seventy five years ago hill still was found with a mission to find by four in doing purposes learning character faith and freedom well many institutions have lost their way Hillsdale college maintains an unwavering commitment to learning character faith and freedom I've also talked many times about hills dales great president Dr Larry aren't one of the finest Americans I know he explains that these for purposes learning character faith and freedom remained inseparable in the activity of education at Hillsdale college now Hillsdale faith and learning are integrated toward god because he is the first authority if you've ever wondered why I love Hillsdale college now you know Hillsdale college pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen forty four learn more at Lovin for hills dell dot com L. Evey I. N. for hills dot dot com W. R. V. and I get to do some appetizers houses from cocktail spinach dip looks good if I may make an app suggestion you only need one W. RG a radio dot com and this is from Richmond news weather and traffic station newsradio WRT all new with the masks Sears Kim Jong Kristen bell from the good place once the folder and four year old daughter melting social media how long have you been singing one shell into the three on A. B. C. four in joint pet loss in use Leon Harris and storm team four.

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