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Ping already very long it's larvae. You do what he said solid times. Do people mistaken for our life like two cops or writing it down right. So yeah just put down Martin no number while no. He's not paying gives you the full quote well number one it's not lar- paying a lot of people are like Oh is it and it's like ah I love him. I love him he needed to explain with like backup. Said right says what number one. It was like todd glass in an argument. Let me worked out for you. But you're gonNa tell me why tell you why right and I know that I'm right now because here's what you would say what you would say to that. I'm going to say this but it's not lurking a lot. A lot of people are like Oh is it and it's like no this band. Aid is actually from filming last night for our newest episode wives. You're not in game of thrones stop. He then holds up his hand to show the band aid. And you're going to see his his wound which is an overstatement. Please tell me but more importantly you're going to get to meet Ben Plan. He has everything you want. And we've already seen his emotional opening statement. You cannot put a bandage over that and just one more question. Look at bad. He's Tim Joe Son..

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