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For the latest news it's fifty seven degrees at seven thirty cloudy and warmer this afternoon getting warmer as the week goes on good morning i'm mike bauer there's a new way to get around new york alice stockton rossini has the story over cape make room for jump powered bikes and scooters that may run citi bike in cars right out of town for one they're docked less so docking stations won't take a parking or show up right outside your front door jump joined dozens of other startups next month rolling out two hundred bikes for trial but the pilot program will be limited to coney island the rockaway the bronx staten island because citi bike has the market cornered in manhattan and parts of brooklyn and queens drew twenty twentynine alice stack in rosie needs seven ten wwl warr five new york city firefighters are being treated for minor injuries in a fire that forced the evacuation of a huge apartment building in queens w o r sara lee kessler tells us there's no word yet on the cause it broke out about eleven thirty last night in elmhurst on the top floor of the king george apartments on forty first avenue all three hundred units had to be evacuated quite as seen parents and pj's rushing their kids and pets out the burning building d whole hawks wife fainted everything bombed shredded cheese trump their apartment was one of four completely gutted on the top floor where the fire began i'm sara lee kessler for seven ten w o r a manhattan karate instructor is charged with multiple counts of sex abuse involving minors w wars rob dawson reports the.

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