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CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief. I'm Sam Litzinger. He campaigned for Hillary Clinton, which didn't work out. So well, but now Barack Obama thinks he can help other democratic candidates in the November elections news. Correspondent Mola langey campaigning for California Democrats in close midterm races. Former President Barack Obama laid out the stakes in the upcoming elections. If we don't step up things can get worse. We have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics is the president mocked Obama's reemergence in an interview on Friday. My voice sort of does stuff watching him. He's trying to make a comeback because Democrats are really in shambles. Mr. Trump predicts a Republican election wave is full. Forecasters are pretty sure tropical storm Florence will soon become a hurricane again. But exactly where the big storm's going to end up is still a mystery. Jim Krasula with the National Hurricane Center, predicting direct impacts from Florence how the US east. Coast mid to late next week. A state of emergency has been declared at both north and South Carolina. Among other things highway roles have been suspended to allow trucks to ship supplies and farmers to speed up the harvesting of crops tough. Carolina's governors are already declared a state of emergency. That Senator will move between Bermuda and the Bahamas on Tuesday and Wednesday and then approached the southeastern US coast on Thursday. A climate protests that rolled across the world's timezones is now peaked in San Francisco where thousands marched in an effort to pressure political leaders to step up action on global warming California's committed to ambitious goals for slashing carbon dioxide emissions. Over the next three decades. San Francisco host the global climate action summit next week tennis star. Serena Williams was not happy during a USO final match with Japan's now male soccer. She was find a game for yelling at the unpire and smashing a racket during a dispute over a code violation. Williams, ended up losing the match Asaka tells ESPN she wishes things could have been different. Everyone was changed. Sorry, this Williams. Clashed with chair umpire Carlos Ramos demanding an apology after he initially warned her for receiving coaching, which is not allowed during grand slam matches President Trump concedes that some apple Inc products may become more expensive if his administration and of mass. Additional taxes on Chinese made goods. But he tweets that the tech company can fix the problem by moving more production to the US apple says a proposed new round of two hundred billion dollars in additional tariffs on Chinese imports would raise prices on some of its.

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