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Absolutely right like that alan robinson sammy watkins like sometimes you do have to pay a premium and because you're the jets and you have this cap space open this year you could instead of backloading you could do was even split over three years or frontloaded deal slightly but the way you're going to create to where we saw jacksonville all the sudden turn it around quickly they drafted smartly they made two key free agent acquisitions aj bully and clay campbell people thought they might have overpaid for those guys in help them like the for the jets come out of here with teddy and mccown no other significant players i don't understand how it happens we still we still have time but still do stuff a lot of people have been in landed places top fifty three twenty two a brief flirtation with the vikings drew brees agreed to a two year deal with the saints yesterday we all sort of seen this what happened the deal will give breeze fifty million dollars twenty seven million guaranteed see your surprised the breeze took such a short deal no he's thirty nine years old he's at in lewis career they also have some things as far as ownership you know there with the family like how long were they own the football team i think drew brees at this point he's playing year to year this is a one year deal for twentyseven me the team has the option on the second year i'm sure of drew continues to play at this level he stays healthy i'm sure they exercise the option for year number two but i like the fact that he stayed there in new orleans sometime during the season i know he's got less than two thousand yards he's gonna pass peyton manning as all time.

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