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One's the man in which one's the woman and die like the next comment in the interview as he is like. If i'd heard someone say that i would've fucking clip them round the sinai's he's about a grind. I loved like he's got a little bit of that kind of well. Intentioned stripe person mindset where. He's like i just don't understand why sexuality is such a big deal but also he's very like like i get it but this is important. I'll fucking contra someone for you. That's pretty sorry. This invitation was very nerve wracking l. gsm members as. I'm sure you can imagine. Some of them didn't gar nikola field. One of the women involved says i never went to delays. The reason is that. I was still very much affected by the rejection by my family. I was very scared of being abused a native to be familiar surroundings. I was scared of being among straight people who might reject me. Yeah i mean particularly like. I feel like a pretty common back story. Form via word for people in big cities like come from moral isolated answered our idea of going back there as she said lightner. She's still dealing with the trauma of her upbringing. Yeah and she's like she doesn't want to go back there and sort of say the same thing in a different place you can cut. It acknowledged that probably it would be fine. Then it's still find year. yeah. I'm assuming that that tash. E approaches it because in our norway this like reduce her involvement in the organization chasers like. I'm too scared to go there. But al qaeda. Yeah dave lewis another eljay Who did go to the valley. With similarly afraid of titan in mining communities he had grown up in the city and he was afraid of going to a place where everyone knew everyone he was also aware that a real life encounter with the miners would destroy his romanticized. Image of comradely. Working less struggle shocking. We sell but he sucked it up when i get on him. It also caused problems on the mind as end as you can save by shum james's testimony before they were quite so casually homophobic homophobic one of the things that would normally for visiting support group would be to take them to the miners welfare hole on saturday night where it was like a boss at up. They'd have a dance that was like rise stage for band This is sean james again. Says one of the men came out with that classic comment. That'll mean we have to watch men dance together. My response was that we had been watching women together for years. Because that's what happens at clubs in wales women's together. We'll have in the ball. I think i needed to include like clubs in wales. I feel like those. That's how many people will also afraid of aids at this time. A.

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