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Businesses I Vicki Barker CBS news six oh five at the bay area's news station KCBS we're going to start the day with some clouds and fog in the mostly sunny this afternoon the more detailed forecast coming up in just a few minutes good morning I'm Jennifer Hodges here's what's happening several statues were vandalized in San Francisco's Golden Gate park last night police responded to the area of hog O. R. a T. E. garden drive and Martin Luther king junior drive around eight fifteen to find several people vandalizing the statues KPIX five reports the statues the father he never Serra Francis Scott key's impressive in Ulysses S. grant were toppled over and the bases defaced with graffiti during the incident members of the group threw objects at the officers no arrests were made and no injuries reported officers have been patrolling that area throughout the night a white man unleashed a profane tirade at a black family in an upscale Berkeley neighborhood over some black lives matter posters the confrontation Friday caught on video KCBS reporter Doug sovereign who lives down the block from the woman spoke with her about what neighbors called the terrifying and traumatizing incident Henrietta who does not want us to use our last name was putting up posters to promote chalk for justice a black lives matter sidewalk chalking events she's organized in the Clermont neighborhood where she lives she is mixed race and identifies as black her husband is black she is visibly pregnant matter two toddlers with her an older white man started ripping down our posters and when she asked him why he lit into her with a rant she videoed on her cell phone black lives live better going around preaching butcher I would appreciate it watch your language in front of my children he went on seeming to claim that Barack Obama's election means there's no more racism denying that police kill black men and saying she's an idiot to want to defund the police you're going to be anti be praying for the please come back what are your we appreciate it other neighbors came out to confront the man who continue to ramp and then left the neighborhood Henrietta told KCBS she was shaken by the incident especially being pregnant now with my kids and I'm a petite person in general you know I definitely felt felt very vulnerable having a you know angry white person yelling at me ripping my signs down and things like that yet somehow she kept her cool my main focus was really just my kids and and making sure that one I was keeping my kids safe and so I definitely didn't want to further escalate the situation to put more posters up is now more determined than ever to keep chalking BLM messages on the sidewalks and says that this could happen in this neighborhood shows how much work the country still has to do in Berkeley Doug sovereign KCBS neighborhoods across the bay area are changing in the new national report confirms that gentrification is particularly intense here we get the details from KCBS is Melissa Colorado this study from the national community reinvestment coalition finds that San Francisco and Oakland had the highest rates of gentrification among metropolitan areas across the country over four years ending in two thousand seventeen San Jose was in the top ten in earlier periods we picked up a lot of gentrification and San Francisco itself in the more recent period were saying these outlying areas of the bay area and that our objective trying out to Bruce Mitchell is a senior analyst with the Washington DC based nonprofit and he says that while gentrification can bring economic opportunities and revitalization to neighborhoods it also can displace residents so he says we really need to look at policies that would maybe give tax breaks to people who are homeowners who are remaining in the areas that their taxes don't don't climb inordinately and pressure them out of the neighborhood the researchers used home value and median income data to determine the rates of gentrification Melissa call Ross KCBS just ahead on KCBS unmaking Goldsby bart investigating why two trains.

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