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And in three or four years he's going to be coaching again at a high level bank it well likely on ovitz ovitz willie bank type deal here oceans thirteen but dokic caught up in the moment of how funny this story is and how disappointing it is and all the different things that it is the let it prevent you from realizing the reality how this world works that he's probably getting a it put trio can get another gig in everybody's pumped about it then why can't he freeze okay so i'm athletic director at exuniversity okay this is my little knocks this is my biggest hang up with hiring freeze it's actually not that he has called atsc escorts this is similar to if i were a lot of malicious pick something out of a hat just randomly anna like say parole commissioner in nevada okay i'd be looking at like a pattern of unbelievable selfdelusion and behavior that leads to the assumption of deep problems so in oj situation you can sit here some ah twenty years later and say i basically lived a conflict free life right or you can tell yourself that all after with charm because i know jay and that's what i've done through life here's why i'm talking about that when it comes to hugh freeze because as we talked dan what's earlier every step to this process hugh freeze to me illustrate a very disturbing trend in that is i can get away with this this isn't coming home to me number one win the allegations are come out.

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