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Sousa. And they had a little bit of a flair up nothing to get worried about. But part of the problem here is that these canyon walls are incredibly steep. And and you're talking about 1000 foot loss of elevation over the course of maybe about 1/3 of a mile. That's a really, really steep grade, Ian and because of that, as all of the vegetation has been burnt away, and as you get more and more of these water drops, rocks come tumbling down. And what also comes tumbling down with those rocks are you know little amber? Nash is that as they drop further down into vegetation that hasn't burned, it catches that on fire because everything is so dry out here and and that was the problem they ran into earlier today. They had a bit of a rock fall down onto the 39 then below Highway 39. And so they had the fire flare up actually below the highway for a little bit, and they had to get in there, working real hard got rocks scattered all along the highway. And the soundtrack to this fire instead of it being, you know, the Classic sizzle of the flames or the whipping of the chopper. Here. It's the Ping Ping Ping ping of rocks falling down and hitting the guardrail along the side of Highway 39. So this is not endangering anybody directly. At this point, they've got it pretty well. I don't want to say it's wrapped up. They've got it pretty well handled, and they were already talking about 40% on stepping out of the wind here, by the way, it's not that windy, but because of the canyon, it filters everything through, says Probably you were hearing it. But 40% containment is what they were last reporting on on a fire. That was just about 217 acres, so we're not talking about a big fire. The reason it was, I think noteworthy yesterday was Thea's mount of Smoke that had put up it looked like it was much bigger than it wasn't it looked like it had the potential to run, and there's a lot of vegetation back on the other side of the highway here that hasn't burned in a long time. So the potential was fuel for fuel was there because this was a terrain driven fire, and it could have just continue burning up into the mountains. And then you're talking about a real problem, But firefighters were able to get a pretty good handle on it. They nailed this thing from the air. I mean, yesterday it was and I posted a video yesterday afternoon on the Twitter and in that 92nd video, I counted four helicopter drops because the Morris Reservoir was about 1/3 of a mile away, and all they had to do was just dip in. Stock up that water drop. It depends. That water and drop it. But today skies much quieter. However, we're seeing little fires everywhere, right? I mean, it's someone there was a fire. I think it was about 10 acres or so A couple of the air assets here were sent over there. There was a fire over in box Canyon down by Chatsworth, about 25 acres. That one in L. A county helicopter actually had a blade strike and had to make a precautionary landing. Then don't say emergency. They say precautionary landing. I guess they have mechanics out there looking at that, of course in traffic. We just heard about that little flare up in Anaheim and then a couple of little fires in Riverside County. Because guys, it's summertime and it's hot and everything's dry. Yeah, I see what a one there's about one on one where you are. Sure. Yeah, let me hold him home. My arm out. It's what I want. I take your order. What caused the unusual man of black smoke? What was burning? In in which firing this were your fire? Yeah. You know, I don't have an answer for that. My my guess would be that it ran into some of the some of the trees and was burning up a lot of the oil's within those trees that turned up a lot of the darker smoke again. Like you know, this is territory and pretty familiar with Justus. A hiker Come back here all the time. And you do you've you've got some really thick stands of especially some like coastal Oakes. If it if it gets into there, it's gonna burn hot and it's going to put up a lot of smoke. So that's probably what you're talking about What you saw. Yesterday, and everybody I talked to whether it was a firefighter, a reporter coming on their way to this. I mean, we were equally intimidated by that plume of smoke yesterday afternoon, but it was, it was remarkable how quickly it ended up playing down once firefighters actually made a significant effort on it very unusual question. Origin source. Any hints? Not yet. There was a video posted to Twitter yesterday that apparently showed a bush on fire. There was nothing showing what that caused that push to catch on fire. There was nothing to indicate that it was in fact in the canyon, but ah, we're going to go ahead and call it. I guess something along the lines of Moses. He was just a burning bush. Good. Right back on the front lines. You go. I always guys I'm here for you. All right. Thank you, Carla Covering this fire above Azusa, and people don't know where that is. It's just weeds to Burbank. You take the 1 34 to the 2 10 You keep going. Get the area of Covina, West Covina past Pasadena. Come to Azusa. And you look right above it. And there is all the wilderness. You know what? I looked to the east of that Sean off the 15 freeway. There's a place called Scotland. Scotland you are Little creek is yes, below that on my map. It says Scotland, not the same weather. It's foggy and rainy. 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