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Still at the limit the tires we're lifting going through the corners at these places and you get to you. Get to a Michigan or e California. Even we were lifting. You'd run wide open for a couple APPS. I think the that's where the was strong out. There is that they could run wide open longer than most people could But even at that once you got ten laps in your left and through both ends so We do have a lot of downforce and we've got a little less power and we used to have but we're still tire limited And when you get to where outrace tracks where there just isn't any grip left in the asphalt and I'm not complaining. Sure let me make sure. That's the the the old asphalt puts better racing. I think when we get to places at the asphalt just doesn't have any grip left in it the Atlanta's the homesteads the California's the Darlington's how you how you continue to manage your tires. And and try to keep the the good in the tire as long as possible brings comers and goers makes makes for race tracks that were. You'll have somebody who takes off in the first five laps but he's GonNa come backwards in the last fifteen so Really exciting racing for you as the direct line of Communication to the driver at tracks like that. What's the most important thing you have to stress to them? Just just to continue to save. I think you know. What are you stress too? We talk during the week. About what what? We need to be focused on it and Ryan's done a great job with at this so far this year and and we'll continue to work on those things but You know it's just patients not letting your emotions get you because usually when you get emotional you get more aggressive and then then you end up beating up tires more so Just staying focused on on the big picture and where we're the long run speed potential. We'll come back to you WANNA front. Thanks I taw Gordon. Our financial crew chief segments presented by money lion. The world's most powerful financial membership. Money.

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