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Response to the disabled truck still blocking the center lanes. The big truck crash past the 2 70 spur is completely clear, but because of the broken down truck before the spur traffic remains slow from the Dulles toll road across the Potomac River farther around the inner loop in Montgomery County, slow again past Coles Hill Road University Boulevard. Newer crash reported before New Hampshire Avenue. The trip on to 70 is without delay this afternoon from Rockville to and from Frederick. Westbound traffic on 70 remains slow because of a crash near the top of South Mountain beyond the rest area. That was a long Left side 95 fists in decent shape between the two beltways, Although it's a slow march to go west on the outer loop that sun glare heading south and west from 95 out of the out of maybe a little bit of rubbernecking at that Northwest branch crashes. Well, 66 westbound traffic is pretty heavy. Now past if you had a metro that might be sun glare, and likewise through Centerville, 3 95 South bound very intense delays now into the sunset from the Pentagon toward Shirlington and King Street. A lot of the glare delays or worsen because of assault on windshields, so it'll take a little bit to get a move on on 3 95 south on 3 95 North it slow through Springfield because of the emergency work zone that it's set up between Edsal Road and Duke straight. I think cruiser in the process of picking that up and they have, as a matter of fact, they've just reopen the north bound lanes beyond Edsal Road. On 3 95 get a fresh new look at Ashley Homestore's beat the Winter Blues sale going on now save 50% off store wide Plus taken extra 20% off. You're actually purchase Dave Tilden. W T o p. Traffic Here's Emilia Draper. Mainly clear skies tonight with a bit of a breeze in spots during the evening hours. Sunny and pleasant for February tomorrow, mid to upper forties.

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