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I don't think it's mechanical But neither do i think it's natural I think the Relationship that i had with both of the of the quarterback. I played with the majority of my career. were relationships That i you know. I i had to work at Not that those guys weren't great guys and they were and they are great guys and Zorn's my best friend. Today and dave craig is a very good friend as well But you have to work those kind of friendships and relationships To ensure that they grow. And that you're communicating particularly as a wide receiver communicate with your quarterback You heard narrow green talk about that. You know receivers at least know where they're going and what they're trying to accomplish and defensive backstrom to react to that but It it takes some work Get your patterns down and get the timing with quarterback down Be able to catch the ball consistently. And i had two quarterbacks in jim day who both were willing to stay on the field as long as it took to get these routes Down pat and believe me. I would stay out there all day and they would to and and we worked and worked and worked and worked. We worked in the off season work during the regular season. until we got it right and that was the thing that really helped me separate myself from Defensive backs for sure. is just the the willingness to work until i got it right until i was confident That i could run the route. The where i wanted to run it and catch the ball when it was thrown to me one of those little nuances in the relationship between quarterback and wide receiver steve. I've always believed trust. And what i mean by. That is trust that one. You're not going to get hung out to dry with a high pass when you're going across the middle and the other truss going the opposite direction is that when the quarterback throws the ball on the deep out pattern and puts it in the air before you even make your cut that it's going to be in the area that you're supposed to go in. Can you talk a little bit about that development between quarterback and wide receiver and trust i. I think it's i think it has a lot to do with trust has to face Just believing in your teammate. That he's gonna do what he's supposed to do if you do what you're supposed to do and That that kind of trust that kind of faith that you develop In a quarterback receiver relationship is so vitally important And that's why you know. I felt like it was so important for us to work as hard as we could on the practice field so that when the game came we knew exactly what one another was gonna do. We got to the point that we could read one another even an impromptu situations when you're when you're protection breaks down. Your quarterback starts to scramble and your receivers kind of breaking off their routes and they're moving and trying to get open Even in those situations we had such good Nonverbal communication with one another that we would instinctively know What the other was gonna do When he was gonna throw the ball where i was going to be When he threw the ball and That kind of instinct. That kind of reaction can only be developed as you develop the kind of faith and trust that he's talked about correct me if i'm wrong about this wasn't jim zorno. Left-hander jimmy davis right. That's what i thought. And i asked i because it catching the ball from each kenny. Stabler was left handed quarterback as well and i understand. The spiral is totally different as well. What adjustments did.

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