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Like New York City casinos and criminal justice reform The negotiations are all happening behind closed doors which is par for the course This is a very normal process And we're just going through what we believe is going to be a very good budget Ultimately it'll be resolved in just a matter of days We're getting close The budget extension will ensure the state's payroll is funded through Thursday Lawmakers had to pass it so state workers could get their paychecks this week I'll have a conversation with John later this hour Two years after New York State regulated the amount of forever chemicals that can be in drinking water Suffolk county isn't regularly testing private water wells The county does collect some samples from private wells but only in high risk areas for the chemicals also known as pfas newsday reporters Chinese says data indicate hundreds of homeowners wells have been contaminated since 2016 public wells are screened regularly but genesis says similar program for private wealth users has not been set up The stuff that county health department is working on the ability to get this ability to test for PFAS in-house They hope to have that capability by the end of the year That means they wouldn't have to contract with private labs Cephalic county has some 45,000 private wells serving about 200,000 people 47 and overcast out there now slim chance in late afternoon showers today mostly cloudy and a high near 56 at 7 O 7 Support for NPR comes from the Alzheimer's association dedicated to the advancement of Alzheimer's research at any given moment research discovery and learning are happening Learn more at ALC dot org On the next all of it composer Shana Taub who plays women's rights advocate Alice Paul in the hit off Broadway musical subs will be with us to discuss the show as well as her new album songs of the great hill And the film everything everywhere all at once is a mind bending action comedy and actors James Hong and keyway Kwan will be with us Plus the band some luck to compose the film's score.

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