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When people if people tweet me and go, I know you have this joke about getting more because you pay more I go, I know you're not serious. And I I'm Sherry and they go what? And I go look to the universe. Forget about this country. We'll go to every other country, and we'll go the universe. What other system works this way? What other system other than the government taking your money? Whatever system worked where you pay a million, you pay ten thousand we get the same it doesn't exist. So the notion that what I'm thinking is insane. I'm pushing it right back, and you try to find another system. And I kind of mean it I wouldn't mind if we could find an an. An example of where somebody just paid or put in or did whatever much greater extent than another and didn't receive more than the other. Anyway, everyone always thinks a douche when I say that. But. My I've also realized that we got Tucker Carlson coming up Tekere Carlson can't say that. Because he did even though he grew up without his mom. He grew up with privilege and most people are many people that are in that position have that sort of guilt of the past. I don't have any of that. So I just say dumb things that that anger everybody. All right. Let's do one more. Right. Well, just because you're married, even if you're super super happily married doesn't mean you should give up your friendships a new study out of the university of Texas found that when couples had issues in their relationships having friends to turn to makes a big difference in your health who are the people that choose to go through life without friends. I'm so I find it fascinating. Like, I realize like. My dad, my mom really don't have friends per se. Are they didn't some a little bit? And this and that, but not really I had friends man because I needed my friends to survive in need to eat at their house. Sweep over. Yeah. Emotionally, I'd spent a lot of time with them. And all the things I got to do that sounded like something like going skiing. I went skiing with Jeff pucks family..

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