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Has been rewritten and retranslated down through the centuries and no one knows really what the original source material is you definitely want to watch today show on crtv crtv dot com promo code ace is how you can watch and it won't just give you a discount subscription gives you access to our show but all the shows here at crtv including the great one mark levin michelle malkin steven crowder in more other programming i think that's what we go by here at crtv crtv dot com promo code dace which brings us to today's podcast it is a pop culture tuesday this when we like to look at the intersection between pop culture and conservatism on a tuesday hear on westwood one and i know there's a group of you don't know how many of you there i it is but there's a frog of you tuning in today for our full breakdown of avengers infinity war that's not gonna happen today and the reason why is i'm gonna give todd another week to see this movie before we spoil the whole thing a day see and dispensation granting one because there's no way for us to truly discuss without spoiling it you know and and i really wanna get i wanna make sure all three of us it's not just hey i saw it here's what i think and now you guys kind of react i wanna see particularly the world view of the film i want to see if you guys saw some of the same things that i saw.

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