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God breast the young how yes explore how about Orlando in the Bronx good morning Orlando Hey good morning guys that's a good one goal one two real quick the first one is I've got Nick Nick pig as a friend Nick's pick but I think you mentioned that movies in the movie I'm talking about I'll give you a quote I'll give you I'll give you a clue somebody yelling at al Pacino yeah you gotta get it gotta get it yelling screaming and running now a lot of blank stares okay that would Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface in the restaurant right right right that's right I need to pick a side window windows told me world loses this shocking when they were at a time so call back later we'll get your other quote but the answer when the thank yous Scarface in my cousin Vinny my cousin he's got two good ones to governments are when we get back we'll be joined by Dr Arthur Caplan he's a professor of bioethics at New York University Langone Medical Center lots of things to discuss at this pandemic now let's get the news at seven o'clock radio station in New York trust stay on top of the latest coronavirus news and information with seven ten W. O. R. the voice of New York radio stations thirty seven degrees at seven o'clock and good morning I'm Joe Bartlett get ready to stay at home for another month governor Cuomo has extended the New York state on Paul's order through may fifteenth I needed more needed action plan with the other states so one month will continue to close their policies what happens after that I don't know well made a blouse you're looking even farther into the future he says we may not have a summer the city's polls being closed through Labor Day is among their to blouse heels budget cuts and the beach's mayor I've been on Coney Island Coney Island on that beach many times hundreds of thousands of people packed tightly together like I don't see that happening anytime soon the Bosnia says things requiring spending money to get ready for the summer is just not happening because there's no clear roadmap on how the city gets to some of those activities I'm Scott Pringle EE or news president trump has put forward a plan to re open the country saying the nation's governors will have to follow a three phase approach this is a gradual process as the caseload in a state continues to go down restrictions can continue to be eased and come off schools in New Jersey will remain closed through at least may the fifteenth according to the governor governor Murphy also saying he is heartbroken about the situation at a nursing home in Sussex county New Jersey state attorney general's office and health officials are investigating the Andover rehabilitation and subacute care nursing home where seventeen residents were found at a makeshift morgue after a covert nineteen outbreak nursing home to Dallas a wide account for one in eight covert deaths in New Jersey where.

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