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I understand the offense has been predictably potent. I will also add that I can't find any statistical reason to pick Iowa State in this game because as I see it here, West Virginia is better across nearly every statistic and just across the board did West Virginia little. A bit of trivia booted booted it did West Virginia score more second half ofensive points against Texas Tech on the road or last year against Iowa State on the road. Now they did not. So the answer is a trick question. That answer is the answer zero for both. They did not score any points against Iowa State in the second half last year in Morgantown, and they did not score any offensive points in the second half against Texas Tech this year and all in. On Brock birdie. Interesting new, I always state, yeah. Who freshman? Third string quarterback relieving Zab Nolan to a lot of success at Oklahoma state. There isn't a lot of statistical reason to take state here. The game is in Ames is at night tonight. Aims at night, huge opponent with a quarterback gunning for the Heisman Trophy probably fell off of that with three red zone turnovers last week against Kansas. But nonetheless big primetime spot where there aren't a lot of big primetime games, other than Michigan, Wisconsin at night. So. I'm going to go clones here. David Montgomery is questionable, but he didn't play last week against Oklahoma states. I think Akeem Butler has a very nice day for the clones. I think Brock Purdy I don't know what sort of nickname we need to come up with. At least I need to come up with my so completely in on on the Brock star. No brought us that stopped bad for I tell Kay. Yeah, we're gonna work this to work shirty the party like Brock star. It's not bad then. Okay. It's very Birmanie. Yeah. And that's what worries me. Yeah. I'm gonna go Iowa State Iowa State here outright. I think they win this game back and forth. The spread is once again went about six point six points. Yeah. Yeah. I think they take this thirty one twenty eight. Whoa. Okay. I was state's my home dog of the week..

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